The diamond symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment, purity and clarity. It provides protection, preserves peace and gives power. In India the diamond, the “invincible stone” was considered the stone of virtue and justice. The ruler administered justice while holding a diamond.


The diamonds have been called kings of all crystals, stones of the mind and gemstones of the masters. This is no doubt, the most powerful crystal imaginable in the domain of metaphysics. It is able of reaching deep into us and opening much more spiritual doors than any other stone. Even more than that, diamond is able to bring abundance and fulfillment of the desires or undertaking you can only dare to imagine. If you dare to dream your own and true destiny, diamond is here to help you accomplish it.

Colors: clear, refracting all of the colors of the rainbow

Uses: Diamonds are associated with lightning and are the hardest substance of nature; used for healing, strength, power, good fortune, sexuality, love, insight, inspiration, protection, personal development, catalyzing and amplifying energy, multidimensional awareness, clarity, endurance, memory, and prosperity. It amplifies the energy of the wearer, be it positive or negative.





Give a diamond to express love

Carry a diamond to encourage new beginnings and projects

Place diamond under your pillow to increase your spiritual awareness

Put a diamond in your purse or wallet to bring abundance and wealth

Meditate with diamond to gain self-acceptance

Keep diamond with you to aid detox on all levels,
mental, spiritual, and physical

Leave diamond in your home to bring in positive energy that will
benefit body and spirit

Powerful, life-enhancing diamond promotes bravery and courage


Diamond is a stone of spiritual, physical, and psychic sight. It is used to see the unknown, reach visionary states in meditation, and see the best course of action. Clairvoyance, remote viewing, seeing how to manifest desires are other ways. They are also good for telepathic communication.

In meditation, as a stone of the intellect, it helps the mind to detach itself from the unwanted and unnecessary thoughts, bringing mental clarity to where it is most needed. Indeed, the picture of a perfect brilliant diamond was often used in the meditative practices of different spiritual traditions for thousands of years.

It unites the body with the mind and is able to help prevent cardiovascular diseases. It can stimulate the glands of the endocrine system, and help in cases such as leukemia and skeletal problems. It can enhance sight, and help balance the metabolism. It is believed to be able to heal capillary bleeding. Diamond gives an increased power to help resist addiction, especially if related to increased food intake, and cigarettes.