Crystals; Encoded with Sacred Geometry E-Kit – Hibiscus Moon 

Crystals are deeply encoded with sacred geometry and hold ancient knowledge to be discovered.

Source: Crystals; Encoded with Sacred Geometry E-Kit – Hibiscus Moon 

This eKit is for you only if you’re ready to…

  • Reawaken your DNA with ancient knowledge through sacred geometry
  • Allow for more efficient resonance with your crystals by understanding the science behind the sacred geo-connection
  • Awaken & vibe-up your higher self to your highest potential 

The info I give you in this eKit will alter your current reality & deepen your crystal-connection, while also empowering you with ancient knowledge. You’ll feel so connected to your crystals, fueling you with knowledge + confidence to positively impact change.

With this eKit, we’ll be deep-diving into:

  • navigating the universal wisdom found within the sacred Platonic Solids
  • the Platonic Solids’ unique relationship to crystals
  • learning specific techniques & cosmic info to fully reach your potential
  • experiential exercises to deepen your connection to source energy
  • Plus, so much more!

The joy I had while creating this eKit is fully infused into the energy of it & you’ll surely feel it. If sacred geometry + crystals have been calling to you, fluttering awake your curiosity & intuition, then this eKit will be perfect for you.