Earth Teachings

My greatest wisdom teacher has been the Earth

My education never gave me the tools to navigate the biggest lessons of my life…

It didn’t teach me how to care for a smashed-open heart,

how to be strong during a birth,

or what words to speak when midwifing someone through a death.

It didn’t give me the techniques to understand that fear is rather normal,

doubt will always dance next to me,

and that is life is really most interesting when we just let it Be…

Wild. Unkempt. And a bit messy.

My greatest wisdom teacher has been the Earth.

And it wasn’t until I got intimate with her elements,

that I learned how to deal with all the initiations that the journey has brought my way.

She’s the grace that swoops in when I’m taking life all too seriously.

She’s the force that keeps me strong when life gets serious.

She’s the presence that has my back when life feels totally alone.

And, she the one that keeps reminding me…

to keep my heart open, unbridled and free.

(Because True Love will never come near a barbed-wired fence.)

Her Air…

is the whisper that inspires,

reminding me to express all that I am.

Her Fire…

is the force that both warms and destroys, turning things to ash,

so that something can renew, and rise again.

Her Water…

is the thing that preaches surrender, to stay centered,

don’t resist the current, and always, go with the flow.

Her Soil…

is my constant reminder to live life now…because maybe not yesterday, or not even tomorrow, but someday, she’ll reclaim my bones as her own.

The Earth taught me the meaning of each season…

A time to Fall, harvest the fruits of our labors.

A time to Winter, go dark and hibernate within.

A time to Spring, when that unrelenting life-force bursts through.

A time to Summer, to bask and blossom in the heat of the Solar Sun.

bristlecone pine


And then, the time to hunt, and to gather,

knowing, without a doubt, the cycle will begin again.


I wonder if we all had been raised in the Earth School,

and not had the original awe and wonder taught right out of us,

would we spend less time, excavating her wisdom inside?


I wonder what life would be like if we spent more time in reverence…

worshipping at the foot of a snow-capped peak, praying on a hunk of cold granite, or listening to the teachings the ancient bristlecone pine forest has to tell.


But mostly I wonder, if having a certain devotion to the beauty of a planet we are on, would allow us to live more fully, breathe a bit easier, and to love full out…

understanding and knowing,

that all rhythms have a reason

and that every, single season, is sacred.

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