Spellbinding Sweet Woodruff Cake: Prosperity Magic – gather

In my tiny wildish garden, nestling at the foot of a tall tree is sweet woodruff. Her glossy leaves and small white blossoms may be hidden by a profusion of taller plants, but it is her scent that…

Source: Spellbinding Sweet Woodruff Cake: Prosperity Magic – gather

I’m going to be baking this cake again for May Day Eve (April 29th) also known as Floralia by the Romans, Walpurgisnacht by the Teutons and Beltane by the Celts. This is a high time for magic as it falls exactly six months from All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain, and thus was also a night when the veil between the worlds thinned. As a result ghosts, fairies, shapeshifter, and witches were at their most powerful, which is why it is also known as Hexennacht, from the Dutch (Heksennacht) meaning Witches’ Night.