Celebrate The Magic of MidSummer with Fragrant Floral Extracts – Gather Victoria

It is just before the summer solstice. All is lush and green, the air is perfumed with the blossoms of roses, lavender, linden and honeysuckle, and sunny landscapes are filled with yarrow, dandelio…

Source: Celebrate The Magic of MidSummer with Fragrant Floral Extracts – Gather Victoria

Creating your Midsummer Extract is less about a method and more about magic. Herbs and flowers associated with fire and the sun are best suited. St. John’s Wort, rosemary, chamomile, lavender, vervain, hyssop, mullein, lavender, wormwood) bring invigoration, healing, purification, and protection. Rose, Daisy, marigold, cornflower, calendula bring you beauty and love, and linden blossom strengthens your powers of attraction. Ooh, la la!

Most folk customs agree dawn is the best time to gather. Midsummer dew is most magical (granting beauty & eternal youth) so you want to wash your face with it! Others say noon is the best time to gather, some say at midnight. Also, you should be careful that once you harvest the plants, don’t let them touch the ground – apparently this drains their magical energy into the earth!

But whatever you choose to do, creating magical extracts is really about setting an intention, then allowing intuition to guide you. The summer solstice marks the turning point from the waxing to the waning cycle in the great wheel of the year. Afterward, the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and all living things feel a shift in the natural world around them. This marks an energetic cycle of completion, an appropriate time to reflect on what you wish to harvest in the coming autumn.