Fragrant Linden Blossom Sun Cake: A Magical Midsummer Treat – Gather Victoria

The Linden is the national tree of Latvia and is frequently mentioned in folklore, fairy tales, and the Latvian dainas (traditional songs).  Associated with the feminine aspects of nature, linden was one of the most important ritual plants for celebrating the summer solstice. It was gathered and woven into garlands and wreaths that decorated the home, the garden, even the livestock. This protected from bad luck and negative forces

And in traditional dances (around the midsummer bonfire) women dancers wore sprays of linden. In Estonia and Lithuania, women brought food offerings at a blooming linden tree asking for fertility and good fortune. Linden was the sacred tree of the Latvian goddess of luck and fate, Laima. She measures the length of the day, the length of a lifespan, and one of her most important duties is prophesying.

Delicately perfumed with the GORGEOUS scent of linden blossoms, this moist, crumbly cake truly is delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it – so now I have to bake a whole new one for solsti…

Source: Fragrant Linden Blossom Sun Cake: A Magical Midsummer Treat – Gather Victoria