2018 Solar Eclipse Moon Cycle Energy reading — Spirit de la Lune

The First Quarter in Sagittarius adds another layer of the fiery energy from the New Moon, but Sagittarius brings an inspired action. If you have kept grounded and have listened to and have nourished your body throughout the eclipse portal, you may feel inspired to do more and have the energy to do so. Mercury moves direct today so this refreshing energy can leave you feeling more inspired and more impulsive!

A Full Moon in Pisces is watery, dreamy, romantic, and sensitive. Again, a lot of the Higher chakras are being activated, and it is particularly important for Pisces energy to be grounded, and to feel safe and protected. You may feel more psychic and tune in easily to everyone’s energy and emotions around you. Remember you do not need to hold this energy for anyone. And if you are feeling highly emotional, ask yourself… Are these emotions actually my own?

Happy Solar Eclipse in Leo!

Source: 2018 Solar Eclipse Moon Cycle Energy reading — Spirit de la Lune

Our last eclipse of 2018 is trailing the Lionsgate activation on 8/8/18. There is so much cosmic energy in the air and swirling around us… if you feel scattered, or your energy feels flighty, drained, or you are just downright frazzled… you are not alone! The collective energy is experiencing big shifts, surprises, and changes are still up ahead!

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