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Dandelion Blossom Gnocchi: Golden Dumplings in Garlic Cream Sauce – Gather Victoria

Dandelion blossoms have a long culinary history, most often made into wine, cordials, jellies, vinegars, fritters, added to salads and the buds are popular pickled. I love to use them whenever I can in cooking, throwing them into muffins, scones, breakfast egg cups, cookies – you name it. Dandelion Blossom Gnocchi just takes your standard potato gnocchi recipe but incorporates

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Herbal Medicine; Homegrown

Although many homesteaders embrace herbal medicine, not everyone realizes how well these traditional medicines work, or that you can grow them on your own land. One obstacle is that many people still equate herbal medicine with superstition, thinking it’s all folklore, of no proven value. But if that were true, it would be a surprise to the big pharmaceutical companies

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