Aeoniums: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

These rosette succulents from the Canary Islands are popular garden plants in arid climates, providing color accents (especially red, purple, and yellow) that vary with the passage of the seasons. Aeoniums make excellent container plants in less forgiving climates, though they require a lot of light indoors. Most of the plants in cultivation are hybrids … Continue reading Aeoniums: Plant Care and Collection of Varieties

What You Should Know About Herbal Preparation Shelf-Life

In this post, we’re sharing some basic guidelines on herbal preparation shelf-life. We’ve even made a free printable for you so you can have these guidelines handy in one place. Feel free to download, print, and store this chart in your herbal journal or on the inside of your bathroom cabinet (or wherever you store … Continue reading What You Should Know About Herbal Preparation Shelf-Life

Full Moon Prosperity Oil

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Tonight’s full harvest moon will be fat with abundance and reward. A reap what you sow moon.

Rising low and big in the sky, it provides the perfect back drop for a little moon magic. And what better thing to celebrate and welcome with this moon than prosperity.

When I say prosperity, I don’t only mean money and material prosperity, although of course a little extra money is always nice. But I mean truly too prosper….in our relationships, in our endeavours and in our wellbeing. Too glow with abundance, and contentment and to share this sunshine with others where we are able.

So often people strive for more and more and lose sight that sometimes we have enough. We are enough. We are prosperous. We have what we need to thrive.

So, I crafted this little oil, especially for the full harvest moon to welcome, encourage and enhance those…

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Full Moon in Aries; Nourishing Your Inner Power

Monday, September 24th @ 7:52 pm (PST), 8:52 (MST), 9:52 (CST), 10:52 (EST)  Today the Moon is Full in Aries. This is the Harvest Moon ~ since it is the closest full moon to the Fall Equinox. It was also known as the Full Corn Moon as it is the time of year for harvesting the corn. This is … Continue reading Full Moon in Aries; Nourishing Your Inner Power

September Full Moon

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The September full moon, known as the “Corn Moon”, always shines in or near the stars of Aquarius and Pisces. Because the moon appears full only when opposite the sun, full moons always rise around sunset and set around sunrise.

The Season is Changing

There’s a lot of unusual stuff going on around tonight’s full moon. First, it will rise to appear situated in the constellation of Aquarius. Second, and it will find its trajectory passing near Neptune as the blue planet will have been sitting in opposition on Tuesday evening; the point at which the planet will have appeared brightest in our sky.

To see the full moon and Neptune at the same time, you’ll need to have a telescope, or at least binoculars, because far-away Neptune isn’t visible to the naked eye. According to, the moon and Neptune will pass within 0.73 degrees of each other around…

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The crisp autumn wind blows around you. The leaves are changing their colors to sparkling yellow, scorching vermilion and burnished orange. All these signs remind us that Mabon is here.

But what is Mabon exactly? Let’s examine what Mabon is, why it’s celebrated, the different myths that pertain to Mabon, and how Mabon can be interpreted into your life. Mabon is the autumn equinox. The Sabbat is named for the Mabon, the Welsh God who symbolized the male fertilizing principle in the Welsh myths. Mabon is a Fire Festival and one of the Lesser Sabbats, celebrated on September 20, 21, or 22, depending on when the Autumn Equinox falls.

Day and night are in perfect balance again all over the world. After all is gathered in and all the outside work is finished, this is the big festival of the Autumn’s end. From now on the days will get shorter…

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Crabapple & Rosemary Hand Pies: Ancestral Offerings for Mabon – Gather Victoria

Mabon is the modern pagan name for the old Anglo-Celtic harvest festivals usually occurring on or roundabout the Autumn Equinox. And while we’re not sure what it was originally called, it marks the time of some of the oldest harvest celebrations in Europe. And there can be no perfect food for celebrating the official arrival … Continue reading Crabapple & Rosemary Hand Pies: Ancestral Offerings for Mabon – Gather Victoria

How to Make Herb-Infused Honey + Recipes

There are few things as universally enjoyable as sweet honey, and now you can learn how to make your honeys even more delightful by infusing your favorite herbs and spices. This project is perfect for the humble homesteader, the infamous party host and even the exploratory child. Source: How to Make Herb-Infused Honey + Recipes

Aster is the Flower Chosen as the Floral Emblem for September.

COMMON NAME: aster GENUS: Aster SPECIES, HYBRIDS, CULTIVARS: Most hybrids were developed from A. Novae-belgii and A. Novae-angliae. 'Eventide'- purple; 4 to 5 feet tall; from A. Novae-belgii, 'Harrington's Pink'- light pink; 5 feet tall; from A. Novae-angliae. Dwarf forms also available. FAMILY: Compositae BLOOMS: Fall TYPE: annuals and perennials DESCRIPTION: Small daisy-like flowers come in shades … Continue reading Aster is the Flower Chosen as the Floral Emblem for September.

2018 Blood Moon Cycle Energy Reading — Spirit de la Lune

Change is in the air and we are approaching the equinoxes seasons, Autumn or Spring. We are transitioning from the Fire season of Summer to the watery energy of Autumn, and the earthy energy of winter, to the airy season of spring. Fire to Water, Earth to Air... The elements activate different energies within us! … Continue reading 2018 Blood Moon Cycle Energy Reading — Spirit de la Lune