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The Trans-Saturnial Planets: Herbs of Uranus    

The study of the planets beyond Saturn (Trans-Saturnian planets) and its association to herbal remedies came later within the classic texts of medical astrology. The ancients had intricate analysis on all the planets between Sun and Saturn —  from planetary alignments to biodynamics to herbal correspondences, to archetypal manifestations. And for thousands of years, many believed that our solar system ended with the rings of Saturn’s boundary. Uranus broke the known and became the first planet discovered with the use of a telescope. Unlike the other planets of the solar system, Uranus is tilted so far that it essentially orbits the sun on its side, with the axis of its spin nearly pointing at the star.
S Y M B O L S   OF   U R A N U S 

Uranus is the celestial body that embodies BIG change, innovation, breakthrough, and transformation. The planetary body that rules ideas, insight, speed, intuitive “downloads”, transformation, the visionary worlds, the future, the wisdom of change, and more.

E N E R G Y   

In astrology, Uranus helps us understand where to let go, and how to take chances to shift powerful change within our lifetime. Often interpreted in the natal chart as an essential place to where we gather inspiration. The archetypal energy brought into our lives during a Uranus transit is VITAL change, an important transformation that needs to happen regardless of our mind, desire, etc. If we are in flow to this archetypal presence, that means excellent fuel that shifts you even further into your powerful and authentic self, providing you with a creative, spontaneous and free-spirit type of life. Unhealthy Uranus energy can manifest as erratic circumstances, having the carpet be pulled from underneath our feet, sudden and surprising changes that are not so easily palatable, yet mandatory in order to continue the fulfillment of our truth.

M E D I C A L   A S T R O L O G Y

As the ruling planet of eccentric Aquarius, Uranus is “associated with the circulatory system, and with the gasses contained within the blood, and within the body’s cells. Uranus has also corresponded with the nervous system and the natural energy triggered by the impulses between nerves which communicate sensations.” (Beyerl, P.)

Classic medical conditions associated to Uranus, as well as ones that flare up during intensive Uranus transits, are narcolepsy, nervous system disorders, varicose veins. Types of chemical imbalances can be seizures and dysfunctional behaviors. On an emotional level, it can trigger a feeling of “boredom” needing excessive stimuli, other influences can be total detachment from emotions, constantly inhibiting feelings with the mind, and preventing self-reflection with an overly active intellect.


The herbs of Uranus tend to be yang in effect, yet considered androgynous. They’re highly activating (like Mercurial herbs), promoting alertness, stimulation. On a magical note, they stimulate imagination, attuning us to surrender to the spontaneity and insightfulness of the present moment.

S O M E   F A V O R I T E S

Activating Spices + Culinary: 
Allspice, Cloves, Cinnamon, Green Coffee, Nutmeg, Pomegranate, Star Anise.

Cacao, Cedar, Coca, Kola Nut, Mandrake, Tonka Bean.

Valerian, Lady’s Slipper.

Brahmi, Guarana (also Mars), Rhodiola.

Wild Carrot, True Unicorn Root, Spikenard.


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