The Energies of October

When you look back over how we have experienced the energies of 2018 so far, most people seem to feel that it has not been an easy ride, in fact for some it has been challenging to say the least. The energetic focus has been firmly fixed on helping us to review and rebuild our foundations so that they will support fifth-dimensional unity consciousness rather than the old third-dimensional template.

If you have just been through a period in which things have unexpectedly broken down and/or rearranged themselves in your life, a few moments honest reflection will likely reveal that the ‘bumpy ride’ has been both necessary and productive.

You might also be able to pinpoint aspects of yourself that are still reluctant to fully change or that you have not quite been able to get to yet. If so help is at hand! The last quarter of the year is shaping up to be another period of accelerated growth in which these old hard to get at aspects will become a major focus for transformation.

As a starting place, the planetary alignments and configurations this month will take us deeper into our own personal underworld of uncomfortable, hidden secrets. As a result, we might find ourselves wading through some old emotional wounding, shifting the depths for hidden nuggets of gold and feeling somewhat out of our comfort zones, all in the name of transformation and growth.

Our relationships will particularly come under scrutiny in this vital upgrading process. Here it will help to review the internal relationship that you have with yourself first before taking the focus to a transformation of external relationships.

If this strikes an uncomfortable chord within you, recognize that the universe has your back and is simply doing its best to help us move past our resistance and denial so that we can fully open our hearts. Yes, it will probably bring us some difficult moments but if we can flow with the process it will certainly bring rewards.

Libra Symbol

The Influence of Libra

Each year during October the sun shines onto the Earth through the constellation of Libra, magnifying its energetic influence, and providing an energetic backdrop for all the other planetary alignments and influences in the cosmic line-up for the month.

Astrologically Libra is represented by the sign of the scales and its airy energy brings a focus to the balancing of opposites and an emphasis to the qualities of harmony, balance, justice, and fairness in all areas of life.

At a higher level, this energy holds a positive template that we can draw upon this month, to help upgrade, restructure and evolve our perception of ‘relationship’ in all its many forms.

Evolving Your Relationship with Yourself

The planetary alignments and configurations this month will take us deeper into our own personal underworld of uncomfortable, hidden secrets

The internal relationship that you have with yourself provides the foundation for every other relationship that you have in the external world.

As our consciousness expands beyond 3/4th-dimensional understandings it is particularly important that we stop to review whether we are, including this relationship with self, in the expansion of consciousness.

The energies over the coming weeks and months have a focus that will effectively accelerate our growth in this area, so this is a grand opportunity to rearrange anything that is energetically out of alignment. However, this will require a degree of self-mastery to accomplish, since we are likely to find ourselves confronting previously rejected or denied ‘shadow’ aspects of ourselves.

Old emotional wounding and misperceptions about separation, survival, abandonment, rejection, and disempowerment, all legacies of 3/4th-dimensional patterning, have been long buried in the deep recesses of our emotional & mental bodies. Many stories have been created, experienced and re-experienced as a result. Stories that now contribute to the filters that distort our relationship with self and prevent us from seeing the truth of who we are.

Transformational energies like those in flowing over the next weeks and months will take you deep into your personal, underworld to discover any uncomfortable old stories that you have previously hidden from yourself. This might feel temporarily uncomfortable, but if we treat it as an opportunity to lovingly resolve misperceptions in our relationship with self, we can gain much self-mastery from the process.

The key to success here is to call in your fifth-dimensional self and request its assistance to help you hold a loving, non-judgemental space while you own and then integrate each shadow aspect that comes into awareness.  For instance, digging deep perhaps you find a sense of distrust hidden away that feels very real to you as you view it. Most likely it has other layers to it which might include judgment, skepticism, suspicion, fear, despair, loneliness etc, all held in place by the vibration of distrust.

Sitting in your neutral, loving heart space give all these aspects a voice and allow the related emotions to express themselves without attachment to old stories.  Own everything as a valid experience but then take it into your heart flame, choosing to dissolve these old distortions of self in the love of who you really are. Call in the transformational Violet Flame if you need some extra help with this, be persistent, focused and don’t look back. Each time that you do this some of the distortions in your filter are released and your relationship with self-becomes clearer and more in alignment with your true self.

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