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5 DIGESTIVE HERBS Used Since Ancient Times THE EMOTIONS IN OUR GUT, FASCINATING FACTS ON OUR SECOND BRAIN & HERBS THAT HEAL OUR GUT. Ancient teachings from around the world tell us that our emotional state has a dramatic impact on our physical health; they reflect an understanding that human beings are emotional creatures and that there is an intricate connection between our

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Sticky Toffee Acorn Bundt Cake: A Prize Winning Recipe! – Gather Victoria

I think acorn flour is wonderful in baking – especially cookies, muffins, and cakes. (And I’ll be including more recipes in the upcoming Gather Autumn E-Cookery Book for Gather Patrons.) Acorn flour has a mild but rich nutty flavor – once the tannins have been leached that is. Acorns contain tannins, bitter compounds that not only taste bad but can upset tummies.

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