Sticky Toffee Acorn Bundt Cake: A Prize Winning Recipe! – Gather Victoria

I think acorn flour is wonderful in baking – especially cookies, muffins, and cakes. (And I’ll be including more recipes in the upcoming Gather Autumn E-Cookery Book for Gather Patrons.) Acorn flour has a mild but rich nutty flavor – once the tannins have been leached that is. Acorns contain tannins, bitter compounds that not only taste bad but can upset tummies. I’m not going to go on and list all the different ways you can leach acorns, there are many methods from hot to cold ( you can find different resources online that explore differing methods) I only want to say that this step cannot be missed – if you want your cake or baking to be edible that is.

When it comes to baking with acorn flour, it should ideally be mixed with other flours. Wheat, rice, corn, oat – whatever your choice – but remember if you choose a non-gluten flour (and mix with the non-gluten acorn flour) your cake will not rise, and be heavier. Also, keep in mind the more acorn flour you use the likelier you will end up with a denser product.

This moist, dense and gooey Sticky Toffee Acorn Cake was made from acorns harvested from my neighborhood. And despite the nearly full day it took to create (from harvesting, shelling, leaching, ro…

Source: Sticky Toffee Acorn Bundt Cake: A Prize Winning Recipe! – Gather Victoria