Samhuinn Fire Festival 2018 – Beltane Fire Society

The Moncai are the gods of death who exist in both Summer and Winter, embracing the light and the dark at the same time. At Samhuinn Fire Festival, they will explore the mutual forces of the seasons, encouraging us not to fear Winter but to regard it as part of a natural cycle.

The Valravn are malevolent entities of Danish folklore, straddling the worlds of the dead and the living. In mythology, they would feed on the dead of the battlefield, gaining the power to take on human or more monstrous forms.

For the first time, ever Samhuinn Fire Festival marks the turn of the seasons at the top of Calton Hill. That means more space, more performers, more drummers, and MORE FIRE. This Samhuinn Fire Fest…

Source: Samhuinn Fire Festival 2018 – Beltane Fire Society