Full Cold Moon in Gemini | A Vision Board Ritual — Spirit de la Lune

Tonight is the Full Cold Moon, and those of us in the northern hemisphere are likely going to feel a turn in the weather from here on out as the Full November Moon often marks colder temperatures on the way. The Full Moon in Gemini is the perfect time for planning ahead and envisioning your … Continue reading Full Cold Moon in Gemini | A Vision Board Ritual — Spirit de la Lune


by Guido Masé November 19, 2018 A long time ago, Anne and I traveled to Ireland. We vagabonded slowly down the west coast from hostel to hostel, over green hills to rugged seaside cliffs, stopping at standing stones and the ruins of circle forts, visiting old-growth forests left intact for hundreds of years. One day we … Continue reading ENCOUNTERS IN GRATITUDE AND A CHANCE TO LISTEN

Home-Grown and Wildcrafted Smudge Sticks: Plant List and Recipes

The Druid's Garden

Basket of newly made smudge sticks Basket of newly made smudge sticks

Creating homemade smudge sticks with local ingredients is a wonderful activity to do this time of year.  As the plants die back, you can harvest whatever you aren’t using for other purposes and create a number of beautiful smudges that can be used for many different purposes: clearing, honoring spirits, protection, setting intentions, letting go, bringing in, preparing for ritual or mediation, and much more.

A few years ago, I wrote an initial post on homemade smudge sticks using local ingredients–this has become my most popular post on my blog.  Given that, I wanted to offer a follow-up post with some additional information and share a few smudge stick recipes for specific purposes. For initial instructions on how to make your sticks, please see my first post.  This post expands the plant list that you can use to make smudges and also offers…

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Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: An Offering For Hecate’s Night – Gather Victoria

So on Hecate’s Night, in honour of She who Ensouls All, I will offer this Triple Chocolate Cheesecake. Made with a blend of dark, milk and white chocolate, ricotta cheese and featuring a dark chocolate almond crust, it is lightly spiced with cardamom and lavender (some of her traditional offerings) and the not so traditional addition of … Continue reading Dark Chocolate Cheesecake: An Offering For Hecate’s Night – Gather Victoria

Edmund Fitzgerald History, The Fateful Journey

  The final voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald began November 9, 1975, at the Burlington Northern Railroad Dock No.1, Superior, Wisconsin. Captain Ernest M. McSorley had loaded her with 26,116 long tons of taconite pellets, made of processed iron ore, heated and rolled into marble-size balls. Departing Superior about 2:30 pm, she was soon joined … Continue reading Edmund Fitzgerald History, The Fateful Journey

New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio

We are under the New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio. This is a beautiful time ~ no matter where you are ~ to place your intentions for this two week period moving into the Full Moon, or even the remainder of the year, or for something you want to take into the new year! This is … Continue reading New Cazimi Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio | Moonthly Energy Report — Spirit de la Lune

  This New Moon in Scorpio is a very intense and emotional one. Many of us have been feeling the depths of this New Moon for several days now. Not only is it election time… but both the Moon and the Sun are in Scorpio right now. This means our inner world and outer world … Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio | Moonthly Energy Report — Spirit de la Lune


The anatomy of anger, envy, sadness, and fear Negative emotions do us a great favor - they save us from ourselves. They’re mysterious signals, that oftentimes surge for “no apparent reason”, urging us to pay attention and change what we’re doing. Emotions that generate unpleasant feelings have been called sins (anger, envy), rejected in "polite" interaction … Continue reading THE GOOD SIDE of BEING DOWN


Day of the Dead: Ritual and Ceremony  Little is firmly known about the particulars of today’s holiday since the limited sources available are either folkloric literature like the Celtic sagas or Roman authors who would have likely “trashed” the traditions of a culture with which they were often in conflict. Although, you can kind of … Continue reading BUILD YOUR OWN ALTAR Using These CEREMONIAL HERBS

November Birthflower: Chrysanthemum

Good Witches Homestead

COMMON NAME: chrysanthemum
GENUS: Chrysanthemum
The garden chrysanthemum,
C. morifolium, is a hybrid developed from four species native to Asia. Many cultivars have been developed from this one, differing in size, shape, type of flowering head, growth habit, color, and time of bloom.
FAMILY: Compositae
TYPE: perennial
DESCRIPTION: The many classes of chrysanthemum include pompon, quill, spider, brush, thistle, single, in-curve, and spoon. These classes are based on the physical characteristics of the flowering head.
CULTIVATION: Small chrysanthemum plants can be purchased in spring, set in the garden or holding bed throughout the summer, and then put on display beginning in early fall. The plants develop very shallow root systems so they can be transplanted easily in late summer with few problems.
Conscientious pruning during early summer will result in bushy plants with numerous flowers. Pinch back…

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