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Full Moon in Leo ~ our Wolf Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon, and Full Lunar Eclipse

Tonight at 9:16 pm PST (January 21st at 12:16 pm EST) is the Full Moon in Leo ~ our Wolf Moon, Blood Moon, Super Moon, and Full Lunar Eclipse. Information on these energies are flooding the internet ~ there is so much to read, so many thoughts on how to feel and what to expect. So I have chosen to

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Invoking the Supermoon – Creating Lunar Eclipse Intention Incense — Spirit de la Lune

This Supermoon is also a Lunar Eclipse! This will intensify our emotions even more while bringing us new revelations and insight. Lunar Eclipses also have the ability to bring us life-altering news, so expect the unexpected with this one! A Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun is opposite the Moon, this lets us take a look into our emotions and

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Imbolc Lavender & Rosemary Seed Cake – Gather Victoria

Brigid was believed to be a teacher of ‘herbcraft” and so many plants and flowers sacred to her, such as sage, heather, violets, rosemary, angelica, and blackberry were often featured in Imbolc foods. Each came with their own magical purpose. Sun herbs, for example, brought their powers of purification, protection, and prosperity, which were ritual themes throughout all Imbolc celebrations. As

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Thinking About Planting a Dye Garden?

Traditional dye plants offer intriguing materials for the gardener who is also a spinner or weaver, or who just wants to experiment with the vast usefulness of the natural world. Nature has its own subtle palette of colors and this little garden represents a few of the dozens of plant dye possibilities, which even include some nuts, fruits, vegetables, and

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How To Celebrate Winter For More Personal Empowerment

 As the sun reminds us, it is time to begin considering the year behind and the new one ahead. This year you might consider how winter can aid you in finding more personal empowerment. Standing in our own personal empowerment allows us to no longer feel like the victim and begin to take full accountability for our own feelings, emotions,

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Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.

Earth: Elementals: Gnomes King: Ghob Rulers: Kerub God Name: Adonai ha-Aretz Quadrical: North Archangel: Uriel Angel: Phorlakh Angelic Order: Cherubim Quality: Stability Color: Yellow, brown, black, and rustic Complementary Color: Blue Form: Square, cross Sense: Touch Sign: Taurus Tattwas: Prithvi Magical tool: Pentagram Focus: Senses Created: Stones Stones: Dark stones, and stones that help with grounding oneself Metal: Lead, silver Plants Anatomy: Roots Animals: Burring animals River of Hell: Acheron River of Eden: Euphrates Musical Instrument: Drums Musical Note: “f” Archdaemon: Mahazael/Mehazaer Planets: Moon,

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A Passion For Herbs

Herbs are a fascinating group of plants with a history of cultivation stretching back to the dawn of civilization. Once the herb garden was a practical project, necessary for supplying flavorings for the kitchen and medicines for the family. Today, gardeners are growing herbs for medicinal purposes and for their attractive looks, pleasing fragrances, and tasty flavors. Whether your interest

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Already Thinking About Designing A Herb Garden?

There are many books written on the various types of herb gardens. Invest in at least one good book on growing herbs that includes garden tips, what herbs to use for what purpose, and harvesting guidelines. Several types of gardens with plant suggestions are outlined below. You may notice that some herbs appear in more than one garden type. This

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Concentrated Herbal Liquid Extracts (#herbs, #preventativehealth, #wellness, #bodybalance)…….

Originally posted on My Herbal Adventures…:
The quote you see below is by the Herbal Academy online; which is the herbal school I have studied at. It really sums up my philosophy of how herbs should be used: Part of my herbal go-to supply for health promotion & immunity boosting is incorporating a variety of 4-6 herbal tinctures/day into my…

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