Establishing a Ritual of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Self-Care

There’s something to be said about intentionally setting aside time in our hectic schedules to focus entirely on our lives, our bodies and our health (both mental, and physical).

But so often, this is easier typed than done.

I believe in our culture, there’s certain guilt about slowing down, even for a short time, especially when it’s for the sake of our own wellbeing. We’re fascinated by the hustle, by the busyness of it all, and drawn into that hamster wheel of constant productivity, for the sake of getting ahead.

But I can attest, alongside so many others, that establishing a ritual of daily, weekly, and monthly self-care, slowing down and tuning out (in order to really tune in), can greatly benefit whatever your life’s work is. Whatever that hustle is meant for.

I have struggled with establishing this routine—busyness being that back-of-the-mind itch that keeps me from slowing down. But I did something I never had before a few days ago, and it made all the difference.

On a blustery and snowy Sunday night, Myself, along with a dozen or so others, stretched out on plush pillows and soft sheepskin rugs on the floor of the shop, and listened deeply to a guided Heart Journey, alongside the tinkling music of the various plants we brought along.

Yes, you read that right.

We hooked up a tiny music machine that reads the electromagnetic pulse of the plant and transforms the energy into a varied and pleasant tune—like fairy music. These small plants—ranging from roses to blue spruce, to oregano—assisted all of us in the healing journey we embarked on throughout the night.

We slathered our chakras with creams and oils made by Windhorse Botanicals, which contained essential oils of various plants, that not only smelled incredible but assisted us in relaxation, healing and tapping into the journey. Most of his products are tuned to 528 hertz, an octave of the Earth’s resonance.

And finally, we laid back and listened to the hypnotic sounds of the didgeridoo and Freenotes–which are tuned to specific frequencies, called Earth Tuning or Gaia Tuning. We then set about meditating on nagging questions, healing injuries (both physical and mental), and breaking through emotional and mental blockages in our lives.

I left feeling broken open, in the best way. My mind was uncluttered, I felt emotionally vulnerable, yet calm and secure in my life. It was the feeling after a good, hardy sob session, without the emotional baggage.

Even if you’re not interested in healing salves made of piñon, or drifting into meditation by the sound of a didgeridoo, you can still take something profound aware from experiencing a journey such as this—if you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone.

As I mentioned before, taking the time the focus entirely on your emotional, mental or physical woes, and work through them in a relaxed environment, is one of the best things we can do for our daily grind. It offers mental clarity and physical relaxation. These are two things necessary for attacking the obstacles that face us at work and in our daily lives.

It can also set the tone for carving out more time in your daily life for meditation and self-care—things I believe we are drastically short on in our culture.

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