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And may I add, she is my “go-to” tincture lady. I have purchased and used many of Anne’s herbal tincture’s, absolutely wonderful. You really should pay her a visit.

My Herbal Adventures...

The quote you see below is by the Herbal Academy online; which is the herbal school I have studied at. It really sums up my philosophy of how herbs should be used:

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Part of my herbal go-to supply for health promotion & immunity boosting is incorporating a variety of 4-6 herbal tinctures/day into my wellness routine. You can take less or more, but it’s one of the best “supplements” you can take. Crafted at peek season for a quality, small batch affect & taste. Oh, and just like other supplements, they don’t always taste the best, but we can use or mix them with glycerites to bring some sweetness or a tea/juice that disguises the flavor more.

I’ve read over & over that the MAIN benefit of tinctures & glycerites made from fresh herbs is the quality & concentration of the product for our body. Tea loses potency after drying…

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Foundation Stone Spell

This Crooked Crown

This is a spell designed to help protect them home in an active manner. When done, this spell will automatically absorb negative energy without you having to touch a thing. There is some spell maintenance, but otherwise, this spell will work on its own.

The idea behind this spell is the concept of cornerstones within the foundation of a house. Historically, these stones were carefully chosen and often had folkloric or even magical implications. You’ll probably need to dive a bit into gem and crystal lore to find the right stone or stones for you.

There’s two ways to do this spell and both are outlined below. The spell works the nearly the same for both, so pick whichever fits your style best.

Method One – One Stone


  • A stone selected from your property
  • A quiet yet obvious place to put it
  • Purified or blessed water (see notes)


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