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And may I add, she is my “go-to” tincture lady. I have purchased and used many of Anne’s herbal tincture’s, absolutely wonderful. You really should pay her a visit.

My Herbal Adventures...

The quote you see below is by the Herbal Academy online; which is the herbal school I have studied at. It really sums up my philosophy of how herbs should be used:

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Part of my herbal go-to supply for health promotion & immunity boosting is incorporating a variety of 4-6 herbal tinctures/day into my wellness routine. You can take less or more, but it’s one of the best “supplements” you can take. Crafted at peek season for a quality, small batch affect & taste. Oh, and just like other supplements, they don’t always taste the best, but we can use or mix them with glycerites to bring some sweetness or a tea/juice that disguises the flavor more.

I’ve read over & over that the MAIN benefit of tinctures & glycerites made from fresh herbs is the quality & concentration of the product for our body. Tea loses potency after drying…

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