Elements: Earth, Air, Water, Fire.


Elementals: Gnomes

King: Ghob

Rulers: Kerub

God Name: Adonai ha-Aretz

Quadrical: North

Archangel: Uriel

Angel: Phorlakh

Angelic Order: Cherubim

Quality: Stability

Color: Yellow, brown, black, and rustic

Complementary Color: Blue

Form: Square, cross

Sense: Touch

Sign: Taurus

Tattwas: Prithvi

Magical tool: Pentagram

Focus: Senses

Created: Stones

Stones: Dark stones, and stones that help with grounding oneself

Metal: Lead, silver

Plants Anatomy: Roots

Animals: Burring animals

River of Hell: Acheron

River of Eden: Euphrates

Musical Instrument: Drums

Musical Note: “f”

Archdaemon: Mahazael/Mehazaer

Planets: Moon, Saturn, and Earth

Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn’s

Body: Feet to the knees, the body itself, bones

Chakra: Muladhara

Finger: Ring finger

Elemental creatures: Gnomes, brownies, elves, sylvetres, satyrs, pans, dryads, hamadryads, durdalis, goblins, dwarfs, leprechauns, giants.

Herbs: Patchouli, mugwort, horehound, sagebrush, sorrel, vervain, magnolia, horsetail, salt, roots

Some Virtues: Patience, builder, strength, thrift, acquisition, conserved, practical, dependable, stable, endurance, protective

Some Vices: Greed, addictions, obsessions, laziness, tired, lack of control, forgetful, anger, slow

Tetragramic Letter: Second He’

Phlegmatic Temperament: Respectable, endure, considerate, resolute, firm, serious, scrupulous, concentrative, sober, punctual, circumspective, resistant, dullness, tardiness, lazy, unreliable.

air elementAir

King: Paralda

Elementals: Sylphs

Ruler: Ariel

God Name: Elohim Tzaboath

Quadral: East

Archangel: Michael

Angel: Chassan

Angelic Orders: Dominions, principalities

Quality: Reasoning

Color: Orange, yellow

Complimentary color: Violet

Form: Circle, dot

Sense: Smell, hearing

Sign: Aquarius

Tattwas: Waju

Magical Tools: Dagger, incense, and sword

Focus: Intellect

Created: Plants

Stones: Spongious, pumice stone, all stones with a yellowish tint

Metal: Copper, tin

Plants Anatomy: Flowers

Animals: Birds

River of Hell: Cocytus

River of Eden: Pison

Musical Instrument: Wind instruments

Musical Note: “e”

Archdaemon: Azazel

Planets: Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus

Signs: Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini

Body: Throat to forehead, ears, nose, skin, and all things with the respiratory system.

Chakra: Anahata

Finger: Little finger

Elemental Beings: Fays, Fairies, Sylphs, Muses, Dryads, Drus, Jinn, Pixies, Hamadryads, Chameleons

Herbs: Almond, aspen, benzoin, citron, clover, dandelion, eyebright, hazel, lavender, lemongrass, lily of the valley, mace, marjoram, mint, mistletoe, sage, savory, slippery elm, pine, parsley

Virtues: Speed, communications, adaptability, magnetic, fluid, optimistic, clearness, kindness, intellectual, piercing, perceptive, inventive

Vices: Gossiper, thief, dishonest, contemptible, fearful, lacking stability, rude, air-headed, unemotional

The Four Winds:

Notus– south, cloudy, moist, and sickly

Boreas- north, fierce, roaring, frost

Zephyrus- west, soft, pleasant, cold, moist

Eurus– east, waterish, cloudy, ravenous

Tetragramic Letter: Vau’

Sanguine Temperament: Penetrating, diligent, joy, Adroitness, dishonest, fickle, kind, clear, eager, contempt, Gossiper, lack of endurance.

water elementWater

King: Nichsa

Elemental: Undines

Ruler: Tharsis

God Name: Shaddai El Chai

Quadral: West

Archangel: Gabriel

Angel: Taliahad

Angelic Order: Thrones, Archangels

Quality: Contraction, magnetic

Color: White, blue

Complementary Color: Black

Form: Half moon

Sense: Taste

Sign: Scorpio

Tattwas: Apas

Magical Tool: Cup, crystal ball, mirrors

Focus: Emotions

Created: Metals

Stones: Pearl, crystals, and all stones associated with water, or of the color blue

Metal: Quicksilver, silver, yellow brass

Plant Anatomy: leaves

Animal: Fish

River of Hell: Styx

River of Eden: Hiddekel

Musical instrument: String instruments

Musical note: “g”

Archdaemon: Azael

Planet: Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Neptune

Signs: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Body: Knees to waist, glands, sweat, and saliva

Chakra: Swvadhistana

Finger: Thumb

Elemental beings: Mermaids, Ocenaid, Oreades, Nereides, Limoniades, Sprites, Nixen, Potamides, Undines

Herbs: Aloe, apple, lemon balm, belladonna, birch, poplar, poppy, blackberry, burdock, camphor, chamomile, elder, ragwort, rose, coltsfoot, comfrey, daisy, daffodil, datura, sandalwood, yarrow, elm, eucalyptus, foxglove, hemlock, hemp, hibiscus, jasmine, yew, spearmint, thyme, kava-kava, ladies slipper, lemon, myrrh, morning glory, passion flower

Virtues: Receptive, understanding, empathic, sympathy, vitality, growth, loving, kind, astrally aware, divining, in tune with cycles, meditative

Vices: Over emotional, disintegrating, dissolving, secretive, indifferent, no foundations, ungrounded, forgetful, lustful, clouded

Tetragramic letter: First He’

Melancholic temperament: Respectful, modest, compassionate, devoted, serious, docile, fervor, cordiality, comprehensive, meditative, calm, quick, adaptable, forgiving, tender, indifferent, depressed, apathy, shyness, lazy

fire burning


King: Djin

Elemental: Salamanders

Ruler: Seraph

God Name: YHVH Tzabaoth

Quadrical: South

Archangel: Raphael

Angel: Aral, Samuael

Angelic order: Seraphim, authorities, powers

Quality: Expansion, electric

Color: Red

Complimentary color: Green

Form: Triangle

Sense: Sight

Sign: Leo

Tattwas: Tejas

Magical Tool: Wand, candles, and some daggers

Focus: Will. understanding

Created: Animals

Stones: Asbestos, fire stones, or anything that is associated with fire or the color red

Metals: Gold, iron, steel, nickel, red brass

Plants anatomy: Seeds

Animals: Salamanders, Crickets

River of Hell: Phlegethon

River of Eden: Gihon

Archdaemon: Samuel

Musical instrument: Voice

Musical note: “d”

Planets: Mars, Sun, Pluto

Signs: Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius

Body: Waist to throat; eyes, blood, and nerves

Chakra: Manipura

Finger: Forefinger

Elemental Beings: Acthnici, Salamanders, Dragons, Crickets, Drakes, Basilisk, Phoenix, Sphinx

Herbs: Alder, ash, basil, bloodroot, cactus, cedar, cinnamon, copal, damiana, dragons blood, garlic, hawthorn, heliotrope, hyssop, juniper, Mandrake, oak, onion, pepper, rue, st.johns wart, snapdragon, tobacco, wormwood, yucca, sulfur

Virtues: Energetic, strength, creative, valor, loyalty, motion, perceptive

Vices: Sporadic, breakative, irritable, destructive, intemperance, anger, caught in illusions

Tetragramic letter: “Y”


Celestial-all consuming, bright, joyous, wisdom

Terrestrial-partakes in both celestial and infernal Infernal-dull, dark, consuming, pain

Choleric temperament: Activity, enthusiasm, eagerness, resolute, courage, productive, gluttony, jealous, passions, irritability, intemperance

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