How To Celebrate Winter For More Personal Empowerment

 As the sun reminds us, it is time to begin considering the year behind and the new one ahead. This year you might consider how winter can aid you in finding more personal empowerment.

Standing in our own personal empowerment allows us to no longer feel like the victim and begin to take full accountability for our own feelings, emotions, situations, and relationships. When we feel victimized by others actions or reactions we are actually giving our personal power away to that situation. No one gives us our emotions, instead, they come from within us based on our core beliefs, our experiences, and our expectations.

When we begin to take full responsibility for our own emotional state we have stepped into our empowerment. Personal empowerment is often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This winter we hope you will take the time to take a personal inventory of your emotional experiences from the past year and more importantly begin to consider how you want to create your experience in 2019 and beyond.

Below are four tips to help you begin the process of taking back your personal power and becoming the artist of your life. We encourage you to take the time to remember, release, realign and recognize your full potential.

Take a pause to remember the people, places, and relationships from this past year. Ask yourself how would you rather have been living and feeling this past year? What was my proudest moment? What behavior or choice(s) am I ready to change?

Behavior is it positive or negative is simply a habit and a pattern. When we consider changing it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Consider chunking it down and creating small attainable daily habits. These tiny habits eventually become big powerful personal change. Here are some questions to start the change process for yourself. If I could change my reactions and interactions, what would be different? What do I want to carry forward into the new year? What am I ready to release and stop doing in 2019? How can I create personal change starting now? What small thing can I do differently today?

Just like trees grow and create new branches we are growing too. This past year you gained more wisdom. You are branching into new directions as you gain more insight, wisdom, and knowledge. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help create more personal empowerment through the wisdom you have gained. What did I do different this past year that made me happier? What choices did I stop making that was hurting me? What do I know now that I did not at the beginning of the year? What new knowledge or ability will I carry forward into 2019?

As we mature we begin to understand our full worth. What do you value more about yourself after this past year? Stepping into our full potential requires us to let go of personal fears and old beliefs that have been holding us back. Ask yourself, what belief(s) have been holding me back from achieving my full potential? If I had no fears what would I do with my life, energy and creative spirit?

We hope you will take the time to remember, release, realign and recognize your full potential this Winter. Change is a process, not an event. Use the event of the winter to begin the process of personal change and personal empowerment.

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    It’s funny. When I first saw this title all I could think of ishow during the winter time, all I want to do is hibernate. The cold makes me lethargic and I despise the cold. Reading this post makes me realize how perfect of a time this is to remember, release, ealign, and recognize my full potential as I am not the regular busybody I am throughout the rest of the year. Very good read.

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