Imbolc Lavender & Rosemary Seed Cake – Gather Victoria

Brigid was believed to be a teacher of ‘herbcraft” and so many plants and flowers sacred to her, such as sage, heather, violets, rosemary, angelica, and blackberry were often featured in Imbolc foods. Each came with their own magical purpose. Sun herbs, for example, brought their powers of purification, protection, and prosperity, which were ritual … Continue reading Imbolc Lavender & Rosemary Seed Cake – Gather Victoria


January is here with its fresh start, and we are enjoying our snowy Utah landscape, cozy fires and turning inward. This time of year is about resetting, refreshing, finding balance and focusing on self-care and the care of loved ones. This is a wonderful time to start new healthy habits that can stay with you … Continue reading WHAT ARE HERBAL TINCTURES?