From Anxiety To ZZZ’s: Using CBD As A Tool For Health Concerns


Katie C.

Don’t you wish band-aids and kisses could still solve all your health problems? Some physical concerns  – skinned knees and paper cuts – can be fixed by sticking on a bandage. Other problems are more complicated. Many complex health concerns require a variety of tools to find solutions and discover relief.

Anxiety, for instance, generally isn’t resolved using just one approach … it is overcome by employing a combination of tactics including medication, supplements, coping strategies, patience, and support. But the bigger your toolbox, the more likely it is that you can develop the solutions you need to find relief from issues like insomnia and long-term pain. Hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) can be a powerful part of that toolbox.

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CBD has been found helpful for managing sleep difficulties, reducing feelings of anxiety, and improving the mood. It has been used in the treatment of long-term pain, for epilepsy, for symptoms related to PTSD and for overcoming certain addictions. Understanding how CBD could be helpful to your health concern enlarges your toolbox and may help you to find new avenues for improving your life.

CBD For Sleep

CBD’s effectiveness in supporting better sleep has several variables. In small doses, CBD actually stimulates alertness and reduces daytime sleepiness, reinforcing a healthy sleep/wake rhythm in the body. Taking the right amount of CBD oil before bed can be helpful in reducing sleep difficulties and improving the quality of your sleep. It can help increase the number of hours you sleep and may help some people overcome insomnia, especially for people who deal with chronic pain.

CBD also helps some people sleep more deeply, and can help people who act out in their sleep (REM atonia and people with PTSD-related sleep disorder) to find better rest.

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CBD For Mood

The CBD-related benefits found in cannabis have long been used to support the mood, and emerging research is supporting this use. Isolating CBD from other compounds allows people to experience mood benefits without the associated “high” or chemical addiction as would be typical with other forms of cannabis. CBD can reduce both feelings of anxiety and support better and more consistent moods. It has the potential to reduce feelings of stress, especially as related to social anxiety.

To take CBD for the mood, your regimen will depend on variables such as weight, diet, metabolism, and genetics. Start with the minimum-recommended dose and take consistently twice per day until you understand how your body with adjusting to the supplement. Make adjustments to the dosage slowly, and give them time to work before you make additional changes.

CBD For Pain

CBD oil supports and balances the endocannabinoid system … which is the system responsible for pain perception in the body. It can be used to manage many different forms of pain, including long-term and difficult-to-treat pain linked to headaches, migraine, arthritis and other diseases. It has shown to be helpful in reducing pain and nausea in cancer patients.

It is thought that another major benefit of CBD is that people with chronic pain are unlikely to build up a tolerance to the effects, so they don’t need to increase their dose continually.

CBD For the Brain

There is growing support for using CBD in treating substance use disorders … including addiction to nicotine. There is also emerging research about how CBE can contribute to brain health with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Before You Begin

Always consult your doctor before you begin taking a supplement like CBD. She will be able to tell you if CBD is likely to help your circumstances, and can alert you to the possibility of medication interaction, which can be serious. It is recommended that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding not use CBD.

If you are taking a mood-altering medication and your symptoms get worse, stop taking CBD immediately. And if you are evaluated with drug testing, talk to a healthcare professional before using any hemp product – although CBD oil cannot make you high, there is still a possibility that trace amounts of THC can show up on a drug testing evaluations.


This is an entirely new realm for us. I have started researching CBD oil and hemp-derived products to maybe help in specific areas of holistic care. I would greatly appreciate any feedback from you; Have you used CBD oils? The outcome if any? And, most importantly, how do you feel about such products?

Thank you for your time.

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