Introducing Sheen Body Oil

We are excited to introduce our latest product – Sheen Body Oil. A lightweight, nourishing and convenient alternative to chemical-laden products, Sheen Body Oil will leave your skin moisturized and supple without feeling heavy or greasy. Sweet Almond Oil, nutrient-dense Maracuja Oil, healing Vitamin E and pure essential oils will feed your body head to toe.

Sheen Body Oil comes in three enchanting scent combinations:

  • Cedarwood + Grapefruit
  • Jasmine + Ylang Ylang
  • Sandalwood + Frankincense

Try them today and find out what your skin’s been missing!

Introducing our Sheen Body Oil collection – a lightweight, nourishing and convenient alternative to typical chemical-laden and heavy-textured products. Effortlessly deliver even and effective moisture across your body without a greasy, coated or heavy sensation. Give your skin the resources it needs with completely nature-based ingredients to heal, smooth and soothe. This collection of three balanced blends each contain a combination of best-quality Sweet Almond Oil, nutrient-dense Maracuja Oil, healing Vitamin E and pure essential oils feed your body, head to toe, in the way it needs to stay moisturized, healthy, and naturally glowing.

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Use the mist of your choice to meet your unique needs. A dash of exotic Jasmine essential oil and sweet and alluring Ylang Ylang essential oil give a blend a bewitching floral twist that induces your body and mind toward better relaxation, promotes a healthier whole-body system, nourishes the skin … and will likely turn a few heads your way. An infusion of precious Sandalwood essential oil and grounding Frankincense essential oil give another body blend a foundational, rich scent that also keeps skin looking healthy and young … and your mind focused and productive. And for the third in the collection, enjoy a foundation of grounding Cedarwood essential oil and a light twist of Grapefruit — a delicious and balanced scent with aromatherapy properties for both mood balance and support for younger looking skin.

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Apply your Body Oil of choice across the skin when slightly damp … when just towel-dry after bathing, for instance, or after washing your face in the evening. Use under makeup for all-day hydration, or apply in the evening before bed to hydrate and tone all night long. Use to target large areas that need deeper hydration … on your legs after shaving or across shoulders, arms and back after a day in the wind and sun. Enjoy the moisturizing, light, and nourishing strength of nature’s best tools for skin health.

Note: Each product comes in a 4oz Glass bottle with dropper.

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