Why the Herbal Academy?

The Herbal Academy is one of the key players and global leaders in creating a bridge from once-forgotten and sometimes misunderstood ancient herbal practices to the burgeoning community of people who are now seeking an alternative for supporting wellness. Their student body of over 40,000 speaks to that!

In fact, they were one of the very first schools to offer robust, innovative herbalism programs online and to a global classroom. They have an impressive lineup of education options including an extensive collection of herbalist training programs from a basic beginners course to an advanced clinical track to a number of topic-specific short courses. Their herbal courses are presented by professional clinical and folk herbalists and medical professionals offering well-rounded curriculum representing all walks of life. This community-centered spirit of teaching is the reason why I love them so much!

So when the Herbal Academy shares that they have released revised and expanded versions of their most popular herbal programs, it is truly something to get excited about!

HA courses

I encourage you to take a peek at these new herbal course offerings – even if you are unsure about taking this next step! The presentation of these fresh new course pages is definitely worth the look!

There is no better time than now to reclaim these traditions to support your own wellness with the power of herbs.


Registration during the early bird enrollment period runs through February 20th. Sign up now while enrollment is on sale and receive your $70 goodie bag with a print package upgrade!

Stop by the Herbal Academy’s website to view their beautiful spread of fresh programs offered now in both print and online!

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Perhaps you, like myself, have been on a mission to incorporate a more natural approach to your family’s wellness. You’ve revamped your homemade meals with fresh, healthy ingredients, researched holistic ways to approach common ailments, and tried using essential oils and herbs in your own health routine!

Sound familiar?

I know it can be challenging to begin this holistic voyage! How do you start? Who do you trust?

Herbalism Courses for all levels

If you have a desire to move from the unknown to the confident, I have great news for you today!

The Herbal Academy just announced the release of their brand new foundational herbal programs today including, get this, new printed versions complete with textbooks, topic-specific companion booklets, and compiled recipe and monograph books!

HA Course books

There is truly nothing like these printed programs available that I know of!

The revised herbal programs boast of the very latest research available and feature expanded lessons, fresh videos, hundreds of recipes, new multimedia resources, and experiential exercises that will take your learning off your computer and into your kitchen!

I must say, these programs look downright irresistible!

Begin your Herbal Journey in the Introductory Herbal Course

Early-bird registration is NOW OPEN with two enrollment bonuses including $25 off your tuition and a $70 herbal goodie bag with a print package purchase!

Explore the new programs here: Herbal Academy

The Herbal Academy is an international school of herbal arts and sciences, offering high quality, affordable herbal studies programs for students online at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The Academy celebrates the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists and medical professionals to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view.

Course educators including leading herbalists such as Steven Foster of the Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs, Matthew Wood of The Earthwise Herbal: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants, American Herbalist Guild President Bevin Clare, and Anne McIntyre, who has written several books including The Complete Herbal Tutor and The Complete Woman’s Herbal. Other notable contributors include Pamela Spence, Steve Kippax, Emily Ruff, Katheryn Langelier, and dozens of other medical professionals, clinical herbalists, and family herbalists. 

Explore the Herbal Academy’s online herbalist training programs on their website, as well as their dedicated Herbalist Paths, designed to suit your path and your educational needs – from family to entrepreneurial to clinical herbalist career paths!

The many new features of the newly revised Introductory Herbal Course, Intermediate Herbal Course, and Herbalist Path Packages include:

  • New lessons and expanded lessons
  • Brand new compiled Recipe and Monograph Books for each program
  • Dedicated and beautifully presented Materia Medica charts for each body system throughout the courses
  • Hundreds of Expanded Herbal Monographs
  • Fresh downloadable booklets highlighted in each course
  • Dozens of new videos added throughout course units
  • All new media and learning charts