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Many people have trouble finding effective products that are truly natural. We provide 100% pure essential oils and essential oil products for home, health, and beauty so that you can confidently care for yourself and your family.

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Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) was created by a collection of wellness enthusiasts who were determined to provide essential oils that are pure and safe to use at a cost-effective price. As one of the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil companies in the world, RMO formulates expertly crafted blends and the purest single essential oils available. Continuing with innovation, RMO continues to expand its line with new oils and purposely-built products to satisfy the most experienced consumer and to help introduce new consumers to the benefits of essential oils. The company strives to provide products that improve the lives of people worldwide.


Rocky Mountain Oils’ essential oils are the highest quality available in the industry. We provide GC/MS test results from a verified third-party, independent lab on all of our essential oils. GC/MS tests verify the purity and quality of the oils sold so customers can know we mean it when we say our oils are 100% pure and authentic. Customers can look at the bottom of their bottle to find their individual batch code and then input that number into our website to pull up the GC/MS test results.


RMO is a direct-to-consumer company that never has and never will utilize multi-level-marketing to sell any products. In turn, the company is able to provide pure essential oils at a value-rich price. This important commitment is the core of the vision to be the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil company in the world.


RMO set the industry standard with an all-encompassing 90-Day no hassle product return policy. Products can be returned for any reason, even if opened, for up to 90 days. RMO also pays for our customers’ return shipping expenses to make our ordering process completely risk-free.


All orders placed in the domestic US ship free with guaranteed delivery between three to seven business days after the order is placed. International customers who spend over $199 on an order also receive free shipping.

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