New Moon in Pisces…

Today at 8:04 am PST (11:04 am EST) we have a New Moon in Pisces. Grandmother Moon moved into the sign of Pisces this morning at 12:11 am PST (3:11 am EST).  Pisces Moon energy is fruitful, feminine, cool and moist.

This is the last New Moon of the Astrological Year ~ the New Year for Astrology begins with the New Moon in Aries.

Pisces is a feminine, water sign. She is ruled by the dreamy, romantic, nostalgic, magical planet of Neptune! The Moon and Neptune are in charge of fluids ~ both planetary and bodily. Neptune and Pisces also rule the feet, toes, and the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

We have four planets in Pisces right now: the Sun, Moon, Neptune, and Mercury. Three feminine planets: Mercury the Queen of communication and leadership, the Moon, our Wise Woman guiding us to trust our truth and authenticity, and Neptune the Mermaid Goddess nudging us into dreamy states of romance and magic, and the Sun, the masculine energy of life, energy, rebirth, and power. You might be noticing all of these energies or maybe only a few and maybe they will shift over the next 48 hours.

Water elements bring you into your dreams and feminine signs signal a time to work with fluidity, movement, internal focus, to feel more than think, and to receive and be receptive.

The flower for the sign of Pisces is the Water Lily. The lily is a sacred flower in many traditions around the world and signifies a time of new birth. She tells us to be alert to new opportunities .. so pay attention as they can sometimes be subtle. And remember, opportunities are never lost…they will come back around one day!

England Flower Pond White Water Lilly Cotswolds

Ash Tree is the Celtic tree for February 18 – March 17th. The buds you see above show the beautiful spirals these buds make ~ and are why this tree is linked to the spiral of life. The Ash tree is a feminine energy and is also known as the tree of life. Her color is grass green and the ash moon is also known as the Moon of Waters. She is the tree of prosperity, protection, and healing. her healing gemstones are turquoise and lepidolite to increase your intuitive awareness. Her message to you ~ know yourself and you will know the world.

Here are a few thoughts to hold under this Moon time ~

  • Are you feeling any sudden insights or new ideas?
  • Are you feeling fluid in thoughts and dreams?
  • As you turn inward can you feel your prayer/intention as well as speak it?
  • Are you aware of what wants to move through you to create new space for your new intentions?

A ritual for you:

  • We are going to work with the four elements, water, air, earth, and fire, over the next two days.
  • We are starting with water to feel the fluidity of dreaming while floating in her liquid love. Take a bath ~ tonight or tomorrow night to really take in the movement and fluidity of water. Carry a prayer/intention that has heart and meaning for you ~ something that you can carry forward with fluid commitment. Let yourself be guided by the invisible currents beneath you ~ inside of you. Doing this before your seed day helps you to mark the beginning of your new cycle. Carry your seed prayer/intention with you to bed and ask the dream master to work with you on your intention in your dreams. When you awake, try your best to remember any dreams and speak or write them down.
  • Now we are ready to work with the element of Air ~ speak your intention ~ not once, not twice, but THREE times!
  • Now comes the manifestation of the earth element. You are now going to do one solid thing to make it come true ~ even if it is only writing it down! If you can take a step towards your dream, such as making a phone call, writing a letter etc. DO IT! Commit yourself to the journey.
  • Last is the fire element. Celebrate your success in following your dream, passion, seed prayer. Dance. Hug yourself. Make your favorite meal. Or if you can run out under the spring rain and catch some raindrops! Anything to celebrate you, gems.

If I could choose to come back as an element it would be water ~ river, ocean, lake, stream! I hope you can take a risk of crossing the great river into unknown territory under this beautiful, watery moon. Let it flow.

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