Wychwood: The Earthen Healing of the Elm — Wildling

Elm specifically excels at lessening inflammation and excitation of the tissues. We often think of soothing herbs as those that are so mild as to verge on useless for any serious condition, and Elm is an excellent plant for correcting that flawed mindset. Elm is gentle enough for interna

Source: Wychwood: The Earthen Healing of the Elm — Wildling

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  1. Elms are uncommon here, and even though Dutch elm disease was never common here (just because elms are not common here), only cultivars that are resistant to Dutch elm disease are planted. Chinese elms is no longer available. It does not succumb to the disease, but is a vector. The modern elms are nice, but not the same as the traditional sorts. Anyway, it is underappreciated now even more than it was decades ago. Those wanting to use it for herbal applications are more likely to purchase extracts from stores than obtain it from elm trees.

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      1. They look like Special K breakfast cereal. Drake elm is the street tree on Santa Monica Boulevard through downtown West Hollywood (which I would not know if the office of one of my publishers were not right nearby). It would not have been my choice, but except for the mess, they are quite pretty. I do not part under them long enough to get much of the mess.

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      2. Elm’s are very pretty and we appreciate the shade they provide. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of elm’s. I personally, have not made any salve’s, tinctures nor oils from the elm’s. I did once with oak”s, and that Sir, was a sticky mess left to other folks.

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