The Zeal Chakra

The Zeal Chakra (also referred to as “The Mouth of God” or “The Well of Dreams”) is located at the back of the neck and the base of the skull, where there is an indention. It is an ancient chakra that has been dormant but is now beginning to awaken. Its color ray is magenta. When it is fully activated, this center will regulate multi-dimensional telepathic communication. Awakening the Zeal Chakra assists the kundalini in rising, and you experience an increase in clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, vivid dream recall, healing abilities, empathy, and telepathy. It is also known as the ascension chakra, and I love that it is coming online for so many right now. If you have been experiencing strange sensations in this area or tension in your neck and shoulders, it might be a result of your Zeal Chakra beginning to awaken.  Not much is written about crystals for activating this chakra.  The only suggestions I found were Pink Tourmaline and Clear Quartz, but I had a feeling that there might be something even better. So I have been trying different stones to help this process along, and I found one that is really working wonders–Eudialyte!

Eudialyte is a physically and energetically complex stone that ranges in color from magenta, pink, rose, red, yellow-brown, violet, green, and red-brown. According to Crystal expert, Melody, when Eudialyte is held for at least one hour, it has been demonstrated to measurably increase both the alpha and beta states. The beta state is your every day, alert level of consciousness, and the alpha state is your creative, daydream state. In alpha, you are accessing your imagination, intuition, and higher dimensional connection. Eudialyte helps you to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and channeling abilities. It serves as a fine-tuner of transmissions, helping you to hone in on the important incoming vibrational information while tuning out any extra noise. It is known to increase the flow of synchronicities in your life. Eudialyte also clears the channel from the crown to the root chakras, encouraging the kundalini energy to rise. It harmonizes your mental and emotional bodies, and it connects your spirit body with your physical experience. Eudialyte attunes you to greater levels of universal love and joy while helping you to express these energetic states in your physical life.

Place Eudialyte at the Zeal Chakra, and leave it there for a minimum of fifteen minutes at a time to help activate this important and emerging energy center.

Zodiac Signs Birthstone: Aries Planet: Mars Element: Fire Chakra: Heart Place eudialyte on your eyelids to soothe sore or tired eyes Hold eudialyte to your heart to open your heart chakra and promote emotional release Place eudialyte under your pillow to find and release issues from your past, especially childhood, which is holding you back Carry eudialyte to enhance your extra sensory perception Meditate with eudialyte to help gain access to your past lives.

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