Can Four-Leaf Clovers Bring More Than Luck?

Good Witches Homestead

Saint Patrick’s day is filled with four-leaf clovers signifying good luck, however, clovers also attract Fairies and their Magick. Clovers can serve as protection from them, they are able to break their Spells and if a four-leaf clover is worn correctly it will allow you to spot invisible fae. As a word of advice, should you encounter the Fae, always proceed with caution, they are mesmerizing but it could come at a price.


While there are many types of “clovers” out there, the most well-known have flowers of the white and red varieties. These are the ones most commonly used in Magickal workings. White Clover is most often used in work against hexes, while Red Clover is used for many Spells including love, fidelity, and success. The flower is not the only part used. Four-leaved clovers are considered especially lucky and can be used to lead the owner to…

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