How to Live & Celebrate the Cycle of the Year

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer ~ these are the seasons we all pass through as we travel the cycle of the year. We celebrate with food and ritual-laden holidays. But… there is so much more ~ daily, weekly, monthly and personal cycles within cycles that affect our health, moods, desires, tasks and foods….and each of these, if attended to, lets us live within the constructs of nature, allow us to make sense of our place in the universe and make our efforts worthwhile-individually and as a human/global society.

Only the last 100 years of technological advances have allowed us to not be totally dependent on the day/night and seasonal cycles. Unlike our ancestors, we can choose to disregard the light/dark cycle each day and eating seasonally, but the results have not always been positive. Do we need to return to primitive living to be healthier and happier? Probably not- but we can give credit to much of nature’s wisdom where credit is due and acknowledge certain cyclical needs and live accordingly. With all our choices is imperative to choose wisely and in doing so, experience life’s rewards more fully.