Back to School Sale for all Herbalism Courses!

Fall is a tricky little season, filled with transformation and mixed emotions. Some detest the summer’s end, bemoaning the shorter and colder days ahead; others look forward to the start of autumn, done with hot, sticky days and gleefully awaiting the turning of the leaves or that first snowfall. Whether you love autumn or hate it, for most of us it’s what psychologists call a “temporal landmark” – it marks a significant passage of time that we use to take stock of the past, reassess our goals, and create a plan for the future. Non-psychologists like me and many others refer to it like that “back-to-school feeling”: no matter how old we are and how many years or even decades have passed since we attended school, we feel that same charge in the air – a call to something new or different. As kids, we commemorated this time of year with fresh notebooks, pens, and pencil cases; as adults, we may set our aspirational sites on saving for a trip overseas or getting into better shape.

Prompted by the chill in the air and the lull in the garden, some of us will spend this season in pursuit of knowledge, taking a cue from those studious days of old to learn something new. And this time around, we get to study what we want! No more trigonometry, chemistry, or ancient Greek literature {unlessnthat’s what you’re into}. We have the freedom to brush off the dust on some old favorites, tackle a craft or trade we’ve always wanted to try, or expand on a present hobby.

For herb people, the sky’s the limit for learning. Becoming a healer is a noble profession, and once the school work is complete, the rewards are great. But as we all know, learning is its own reward, and there’s no time like the fall to get started! What will you learn?

Herbal Academy Back to School Sale

Back to School Sale for all Herbalism Courses!

Back to School season is back starting on August 20th with the Herbal Academy’s greatest discounts of the year on herbal courses and path packages! Along with sweet savings up to 25% off, the Herbal Academy is also happy to announce the restock of their long-awaited, highly sought-after herbalism course textbooks! 

The Herbal Academy’s programs are offered online and they are generally open throughout the year, very true. But as many of us with children enter back into the school season, it’s only natural for us to return to our own studies – giving ourselves a little self-care or educational challenge! Back to School is just an excuse, after all, for us plant enthusiasts to pursue a dream, a career change, or a personal fulfillment or hobby. No matter what brings you back to your studies, check out the Herbal Academy’s annual Back to School sale for some of their best deals of the year! 

Back to School runs August 20th through September 16th with savings up to $400 off herbal programs! 

You will be sure to find savings on every single one of the Herbal Academy’s herbal programs, from their foundational courses to bundled Herbalist Path Packages to those programs featured in their Short Course Collection! 

Herbal Academy Back to School Sale

Introductory Herbal Course – $50 off registration! 

Our ever-so-popular beginner’s herbalism course is now $50 off registration. Get ready to mix up herbal remedies using herbs and spices you never knew existed (and the ones you do!)! This is the ultimate beginner’s program to get you started in herbalism.

Intermediate Herbal Course – $100 off registration, now $497! 

If you have already taken our Introductory Herbal Course or are a self-taught herbalist interested in diving into the next phase of your education, this program is the perfect next step in your journey! 

Family Herbalist Path – $894 down to $699!

Get ready to infuse your life with the benefits of an herbal education with our guided path for family herbalists, starting at the beginner level! This discounted bundle of programs includes Introductory + Intermediate Herbal Courses!

Clinical Herbalist Path – Our biggest savings of ≈$400 off!

Studying herbalism to pursue a professional career? This discounted bundle of programs includes Introductory + Intermediate + Advanced Herbal Courses and will have you well on your way to gaining the knowledge you need in your Clinical Herbalist studies!

Botanical Skin Care Course – $50 off our new program! 

Join us in a remarkably rewarding maker’s quest to create your own good-for-the-body, sumptuous skincare products at home. With over 200 herbal recipes in the course, you’ll quickly be stocking your herbal cupboard with an array of customized herbal preparations that will make you look and feel healthier and more radiant.

Herbal Materia Medica Course – Enroll for only $39! 

Developing a materia medica is one skill every herbalist should know as they become more independent in their craft. This is a mini-course, and worth every penny, equipping you with the skills to learn about herbs all on your own!

Herbal Academy Back to School Sale

The above herbal programs are some of the most popular courses at the Herbal Academy, but there are many more to explore – and every single program is on sale with great discounts! 

No matter where you are at in your herbal studies, the Herbal Academy has a training program for you!

The Introductory Herbal Course is a good place to start if you are new to herbal medicine. It’s a beginner’s course filled with easy training guides, recipes, downloadable flipping books and charts to get you well on your way to becoming an herbalist. The course begins with the basics of medicine making and wildcrafting, anatomy, introduces you to many many plants, covers common discomforts for adults and children, and discusses the overarching holistic approach of herbalism.

The Intermediate Herbal Course begins with an introductory unit as a review, and then quickly advances into more complex topics. The program dives in deeper, working through each body system and discussing the herbs; their actions and energetics; their safety and side effects; in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology; and guidance for herbal formulation.

The Entrepreneur Herbal Course is geared towards herbalists who have already studied at the beginner and intermediate levels, who want to make and sell their own herbal products. Lessons on sourcing herbs, Good Manufacturing Practices, labeling requirements, writing a business plan, and creating a brand are some of the many lessons included in this fast track program!

The Advanced Herbal Course is an in-depth program geared towards students interested in becoming clinical herbalists. This program picks up on the body systems not fully covered in the Intermediate Course, and covers more complex topics including herbal wisdom traditions, health and wellness of men, women, and elderly, assessment and herbal therapeutics, and steps to becoming a clinical herbalist; as well as regulatory and legal obstacles facing professional herbalists and herbal products businesses.

Now about those Textbooks!

The Herbal Academy’s highly coveted Introductory Herbal Course Textbooks and Intermediate Herbal Course Textbooks are now back in stock just in time for Back to School Season! 

You will have the option to upgrade your registration with these textbook sets (completely optional) when you register for either the Introductory or Intermediate Herbal Courses

books back to school HA


Current students: The Herbal Academy is offering the student discounted price on your textbook purchase if you are enrolled in their new Introductory or Intermediate Herbal Courses. Log in to the website and select the textbook option of your choice from our Goods Shop. Your cart will update to the discounted student price automatically: $297 down to $199 for Introductory Herbal Course Textbook Set and $597 down to $349 for the Intermediate Herbal Course Textbook Set when you hit checkout! 

The Herbal Academy’s mission is to expand our students’ potential in herbalism and help guide you on your own herbal path. With everything we do here at the school, from offering our courses with deep savings during special promotions to offering freshly published course textbooks to enhance your herbal learning, we are reaching our goal of helping your dreams and goals come true as you pursue herbalism!