The Energies of August

If you have emerged from the intensity of the energetics over the last month feeling as though you have been through the spin cycle in a washing machine, please know that you are not alone.

In one form or another, this seems to be a common feeling for many people. Take a moment to reflect and you will likely find that the process has facilitated you to instigate change or make some significant choices that will serve you well as you move forward.

The energetic platform for August will be offering us positive opportunities to build on the foundation of what we set in motion for ourselves last month. There is a slightly more harmonious, less intense feel to the energies this month, however, this is very much a temporary respite so make the most of it while you can.

The focus of the energetic line up this month will be nudging us towards final completion of old cycles and the opportunity to set a new course for the future. This could take many forms, ranging from very obvious changes in our external life circumstances to seemingly subtle internal shifts in behavior and perspective.

For instance, the choice to release a long-held belief in unworthiness or the ending of a destructive cycle of self-judgment.

Lions Gate 8-8

Much of the driving force behind the energy flow this month is connected to the opening of the Lions Gate Portal.

Between July 27th and August 12th each year, the Earth comes into alignment with the Galactic Core, the Sun and the star Sirius, creating a portal or stargate known as the Lions Gate. While this portal is open, we receive a download of high-frequency light containing the codes we need to take us up the spiral of spiritual evolution over the coming 12 months.

This light flows through the Lions Gate, which is open to its fullest on August 8th and into the earth grid points of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza. This highly transformational energy also flows through each one of us, so do take some time out to connect, absorb, integrate and ground what is being offered. It will greatly assist you in transforming anything that is holding you back.

Leo Symbol

The Energies of Leo

All the other planetary activities this month are set against the backdrop of in-flowing energies from the constellation of Leo.

The fiery, powerful energies of Leo are associated with the Sun and depicted in the western astrological zodiac by the sign of the Lion. It is significant that Leo is the only sign in the zodiac to have the same planetary ruler at all three levels of astrological interpretation, so whether we look from a personality, soul or monadic perspective the Sun is always the ruler of Leo.

This unique relationship with the sun at the heart of our universe is an indication of just how powerfully transformational the energies of Leo can be. The liberating, universal principles of Love and Freedom flow through the constellation of Leo, energies that particularly stimulate the alignment of the heart with the soul and illuminate the need for the right use of power and the will to create that which can serve the common good.

Listen to Your Heart

The focus of the energetic line up this month will be nudging us towards final completion of old cycles and the opportunity to set a new course for the future

It is important for all of us this month to take time to go into our heart space to get clarity on our direction for the future and just as important to gain an understanding of anything that we have been working with that is now complete.

The energies of the last few months have had a substantial focus on revealing to us where we are holding on to old unproductive thoughts, beliefs, and emotional issues. Anything that has come to the surface for you recently is unlikely to be new, however holding it in the love in your heart may well provide you with a much greater understanding of how the threads of the issue have been woven into your life experience. Maybe you might recognize that you have been carrying this pattern/emotional wounding for many lifetimes. You could also see that it is an inherited patterning shared by many in your family line. 

Hold everything that you see in the non-judgemental, unconditionally loving energies in your heart space. Listen to your heart and it will help you to see any vibrational frequencies that still hold you into the old patterning. For instance, a lack of forgiveness, guilt, doubt, anger, resentment or fear.

Most of all feel into the knowingness that you have experienced all that you needed to from this old pattern and that you are now free to let it go. Take the opportunity to make an executive decision to dissolve what is complete and move on.

The energies this month will be very supportive of this process, in fact, they will be actively pushing us to adjust our vibrational frequency so that redundant patterns based on low-frequency energies can finally be unraveled.

This is a powerful process and will take you much deeper into the authority of your true self. Recognize as you do this that many in the world are not yet ready to take this step. However, the positive high-frequency energies flowing onto the Earth will continue to push on their ‘stuff’ regardless. The result is the noise and chaos that we can see everywhere on the world stage as individuals, governments, institutions and corporate bodies unconsciously act out their patterns. This is uncomfortable to watch but keep in mind that it has to happen for change to take place.

Our part in all this is to continually choose the vibrational frequencies that will allow us to create an energetic foundation made up of neutral, non-judgemental, positive, loving frequencies that will help hold the balance in the world while the transformation takes place.