September; Dancing With The Moon

September begins with the echoes of a New Moon in Virgo from the end of August. We will be focused upon building something dear to our hearts. Later, a soft and dreamy Full Moon in Pisces will enchant us beneath her song on September 13th. We will end the month with a relationship-focused New Moon in Libra on September 28th. Find out how the month will affect you specifically!

You’re feeling the grind pick up, Aries, and you’ll be taking on more projects or considering how you can alter your work-life balance. You can certainly work hard and you like to see the big rewards. Use the beginning of the month to improve your employment or health to create more stability in your life. Mid-month finds you wanting to slow down, though. Take the breather while you can because career has been such a major focus for you as of late. However, your attention will be switching to important relationships come at the end of the month. If you’d like to build a closer connection with your one-and-only in business or love, be sure to do so. If you’re single and looking for someone with long-term potential, you will definitely be in luck.

There are a few times in our lives where we cross paths with a soul mate, and this will surely be one of those moments for you, Taurus. If you are taken, you may be contemplating how to bring more passion to your relationship, or if you’re single, you’re in luck to find someone who transforms your life through a new love. Be sure to circulate because romance takes initiative. Mid-month sees you being social and festive, so be sure to spend time with friends and watch how your network actually expands. An important event could pop up for you, so absolutely attend. The end of the month, though, brings you a big focus on work. If looking to improve your work life, you can do so, or dust your hands off and find something better.

Your family and home are on your mind at the beginning of September, Gemini, so be sure to tick off the boxes for anything that comes up. You may be moving or wanting to fix up your space, and if you do, you will be very happy. Mid-September sees you causing thunder in your career, though, and it is likely that you’ll receive some exciting recognition, a promotion, or an opportunity for exposure. This is a big moment, so don’t be hiding away. Finally, though, as we near the ending weeks, your romantic and creative spark is igniting so you are advised to get your passions heated. Set up some dates if single or plan some adventurous moments with your significant other. If you’re an artist, be sure to channel that muse.

Early month has you focused on how you can communicate and speak your mind, Cancer, so be sure to find new ways to improve your reach. Contracts are also favored at this time. However, mid-month we see you thinking about growing your mind even further, perhaps with academics, spirituality, or exotic experiences. Find ways to learn more about humanity at large. The end of the month, though, sees you very focused on your home and family life. This is a natural rhythm for you, though, so you’ll enjoy the extra special time.

Your income is rising rapidly, Leo, or at least the opportunity to do so! Use the first days of the month to demand your worth. However, mid-month your attention will be back upon relationships and what you give and receive. Your sensual side will certainly be peaked, so enjoy the connection if it is strong or walk away from relationships that are holding you down. The end of September, though, has your mind crackling like lighting so be sure to roar through writing and speech and the world will turn and listen.

It’s birthday season and you’re the main event at the very beginning of September! Be sure to take big steps toward all of your hopes and dreams. The Universe is smiling upon you. Mid-September, though, you will see an important relationship take focus, whether that be in love, business, or collaboration. This could be about growing closer together or going separate ways. To end the month, though, you’ll be focusing more on money and how you can increase your value. Be sure to find new opportunities to bring in income any way that you can.

The beginning of the month sees you taking a step back and relaxing because you’ve been so hard at work for so long. That’s good, though, you deserve it. Karma will also be a focus, so if you’ve done well, you should be reaping rewards, but if you’ve wronged others, it may be coming back to bite you. Mid-month will see you focusing on an important work project, so get back to the grind. If you’d like to find another job, this could be a time when you’re in luck. However, your favorite moment of the year will surely be after the New Moon on the 28th, as it is your celestial jewel opening a door to anything that is closest to your heart. Get ready for birthday season because it promises lots of fun.

Friends and social life will be as bright as the Sun at the beginning of September for you, and you deserve it! Consider how you can actually expand your network and grow closer with those who you already know. Mid-month will be dazzlingly romantic for you, though, so mingle if single or plan something special with the one who you love. A creative endeavor or child may also be important at this time. The final weeks bring you back down to the ground and you’ll be feeling the need to rest and relax. You deserve it!

Your career is causing everyone to applaud at the beginning of September, Sagittarius, and it’s about time! The doors you’ve hoped would open are finally here and if you’ve been working hard, you’ll likely see the crown passed to you. Mid-September will have you focusing on home or family, though, so be sure to allow some time if anything important pops up. However, the end of the month will be packing your calendar with important events and your social life will be roaring. You are likely to meet many new friends who will bring happiness to your life as well as grow closer with the ones you already have.

September promises excitement and adventure, so be sure to set sail toward them. The beginning of the month is challenging you to take risks and get out of your comfort zone and learn more about life and the world. You could be working on an important publishing, media, or academic project at this time or even drawn to some sort of spirituality. Around September 13th, though, you’re focusing on how you can write and speak more effectively from the heart and maybe finishing up an important communications-related project that has been affecting you since early in the year. The final weeks of the month, though, will certainly be your favorite as your career causes fireworks in the sky. Your name will be on everyone’s lips as long as you’ve been working hard for your next achievement. Something major lies ahead for you in 2020 as long as you take the challenge and snatch the crown while you can.

What you give and receive in relationships is a key theme at the start of September, Aquarius. If they are balanced, they will improve. If they are not, you may walk away. Later in the month, you’re going to be focused on your income and a financial matter, though, so be sure to welcome in the abundance or find new ways to monetize. As you close out the month, you’ll be feeling the need to expand your vision of the world, whether it be through travel, study, media, or working with people very different than you. If you do so, you’ll like where it leads.

Major partnerships in love and business are written in the stars for you, Pisces. This could be a fated time of making long-term plans, engagement, marriage or even crossing paths with a twin flame. Put yourself out there! Around September 13th, though, a Full Moon in your sign spotlights you above all others. You will see many of your most dear hopes and dreams taking focus at this time, as well as an important relationship. Embrace it! However, to end the month, you’ll again be considering your connections, but more so on what you give and receive. Find a balance that works for you.


September has arrived and will surely be one of your most favorite months of 2019 due to the sparkling and stunning arrangement of the stars above. At the end of August, we had a gorgeous New Moon in Virgo that will be spilling blessings on over into the beginning of the month. This New Moon is majestic for many reasons, particularly because nearly half of the Solar System has aligned its power behind it. Mars, ruling passion and drive, Venus, ruling money and love, and Mercury, ruling communication and the mind, all dance alongside the Sun and the Moon. This means that whatever we wish to put our minds, actions, and heart toward we are likely to see new opportunities blossom before our eyes. Even more exciting, though, is that Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be smiling on over to that celestial celebration giving us breakthroughs almost out of thin air. This is a perfect time for manifestation because the Universe is opening a massive door to you. Clear Quartz is one of the absolute best crystals to use for that, so be sure to stock your home with as many as possible and carry one for even faster results.

Virgo season is a time when we look at our lives and focus on the details. We want to build a routine that is steady and works for us — in career, health, love, and development. Take this time to truly create a plan of action that can last for a year or longer that will help you build a life of abundance.

We will have mostly blessed energies occurring this month, and some days to keep on your calendar for good news and making plans should be the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 12, 13, 19, and 24. Consider how you can start initiatives on those days, take chances, or build prosperity. However, we do have some days that will be murkier, particularly early on because of some fuzzy energy from the planet Neptune. This mysterious and enigmatic planet is one that can bring inspiration and divine love, but it can also create illusions and fantasies. As long as you keep your wits about you and look at things from a realistic perspective, you should be fine. Some days to be a bit more cautious this month are the 4, 7, 10, 14, 21, 22, and 25. Be sure to buy a Hematite because it is a powerful grounding and protective stone.

On September 13th, we have a lovely Full Moon in Pisces. We will notice culminations at this time that we have been building since last March. Neptune will be feisty at this time, too, so just make sure you’re not wearing rose-colored glasses. Communicate from the heart but don’t get lost in a sea of fantasy. Pisces energy is dreamy, artistic, imaginative, and mystical. It is a deeply sensitive sign, focused upon transcending beyond just the physical world. Be in touch with your psychic abilities by utilizing a Blue Kyanite. This stone amplifies telepathy and intuition.

Later in the month, we will notice a big shift when Saturn, the planet of maturity and at times hardship, goes direct on the 18th. This is a big moment where we will see what we have learned since January 22nd about taking more responsibility in our lives. We are ready to incorporate this new information to advance our plans, endeavors, and relationships.

Libra season arrives on September 23rd, though, when the Sun dances on along into this festive and social sign. The Moon, too, will join the event on the 28th sparking a New Moon in this sign. Libra is a sign of diplomacy, partnership, but also pleasure, and urges us to balance our hearts and our minds. In the days following this open window, consider how you can bring more stability to your relationships or find someone who is just your type. Be certain to grab a Tiger’s Eye, as it will help you maintain your personal power in all of your connections.

September promises a great deal of progress in our lives, so be sure to seize the day. While some blessings may jump right into our laps, we must work to become the best versions of ourselves for those who we love and the world around us.