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by Emma Kathryn

Published in Witch Way Magazine’s May issue

Herbal teas are a fantastic way to bring your magical practice into your everyday life. For me, every aspect of making tea, from the sourcing of ingredients (foraging is my thing!) to the blending of them, is part of that witching process, and I use my magical knowledge as well as my mundane skills to infuse them with, well, magic!

Teas can be drunk for a variety of reasons, least of all because you like them. There are blends that help with the mundane as well as the magical, teas that revive the soul and others the body. And who doesn’t love tea anyway!

A note on teas and blends. When making a single cup of tea, a teaspoon of herb matter is all that is required, which is fine when using a single ingredient but does make it a little more difficult when two or more ingredients are involved. When making a blend with a number of ingredients, I’ll make a small batch, combining all the ingredients, and keep it in a clean jar or tin, so I can use a spoonful of it at a time.

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Making Your Own Teabags

Tea strainers are fab, and they come in a wide range of fantastical designs, but if you don’t have one or prefer to use teabags, then making your own is a great alternative. Not only are they great for the environment, but they make a fantastic gift as part of a set with homemade blends and a pretty little teacup.

To make your own tea bags, you only need a couple of items that can be sourced from items around the home or bought very cheaply. These can include:

A 20 cm x 20 cm piece of cotton or muslin
Thread (the cross-stitch kind), yarn, string, or ribbon

You can make your tea bags a couple of different ways:

● Fold the fabric in half and sew the sides, leaving the top open. Fold the top edge down and sew, leaving a small gap. This should leave you with a tube through which you can now thread the string or yarn. You should now have a small drawstring pouch.
● Or you can simply lay the fabric flat, place the herbs in the center and tie it up so that you have a bundle. Make sure not to overfill so that the herbs can infuse freely.


Teas for Health

Thyme: This culinary herb is good for the chest and throat, so it’s perfect when suffering from coughs, sore throats, or chest infections. You may want to sweeten with honey.

Peppermint: Peppermint is good for digestion. Drink to help with indigestion or to help keep your digestive system in tip-top health.

Lemon: You can simply add a slice of lemon to boiling water, or you can use dry lemon zest and flesh in small chunks. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C and is useful in fighting off colds.

Ginger: Often teamed with lemon, ginger is another cold-and-flu-fighting agent. This spicy root is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and may also fight off cancer-causing free radicals.

Chamomile: Calms nerves, eases an upset stomach and is great for skin conditions, including eczema; it is also good to use before going to bed if you struggle to have a good night’s sleep.

Blend lemon and ginger together in a tea, using dry grated ginger root and dried lemon zest with dried lemon pieces. I like to use equal amounts of both, but these are strong flavors, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Chamomile and lavender make a lovely combination and are both relaxing and sleep-promoting, so they are useful for stress, anxiety, and sleep problems. I use a ratio of two parts chamomile to one lavender, as lavender is quite strong and can easily overpower the chamomile. You can also blend chamomile with dried rosehips for a brew that will benefit skin conditions like acne.


Teas for Magic

Mugwort: A bitter-tasting herb but a magical one, mugwort is one of those plants very commonly associated with witchcraft. There are many health benefits of mugwort, but in a magical sense, mugwort is a dream plant. Have a cup of mugwort tea before bed to enhance your dreams or to help induce lucid dreaming.

Yarrow: This little wildflower is packed full of healing properties (you’ll find that most of the plants named in this article will have health benefits), but it is also great for enhancing psychic abilities. Drink a cup of yarrow tea half an hour before performing divination.

Wormwood: Again, this is not a nice-tasting herb, so you will need that honey to sweeten this tea, but the bitterness will be worth it. This plant is quite similar to mugwort in its effects, but it is stronger and associated with astral projection.

Chamomile: This gentle herb is so underrated in terms of its magical prowess but is perfect to use before meditation. It gently calms and promotes relaxation within oneself, which makes it perfect to use before any kind of spellwork.

Rosemary: This common kitchen herb is associated with spirit work and so a cup of rosemary tea is perfect for any kind of spirit work. And by spirit work, I don’t just mean spirits of the dead but also nature spirits and genius loci. Have a cup of rosemary tea before undertaking any kind of spirit work.

For lucid dreaming, blend mugwort, chamomile, and lavender. Use two parts lavender and chamomile to one part mugwort.

For divination, use two parts yarrow to one part rosemary and one part chamomile. Drink before undertaking any kind of divination.

Rosemary and mugwort tea (have that honey at the ready—this is not a pleasant-tasting brew!) is perfect for spirit work of any kind. While rosemary is associated with spirit work, mugwort just helps to make you more relaxed and more receptive.

So, there you have it, my recommendations for some herbal health and magic! Why not explore and experiment and create your own magical blends?

Emma Kathryn is an eclectic witch whose path is a mixture of traditional European witchcraft, Voodoo, and Obeah, a combination representing her heritage. She lives in a little town in Nottinghamshire, England, with her partner, two teenage sons, and two dogs. When not working in a bookshop, she likes to spend time outdoors with her family and weaving magic, of course!

Source: Create Your Own Magical Tea Blends – Witch Way Magazine

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