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This Full Moon in Aries can feel a little bit intense! Full Moons always heighten emotions, but this full moon is square Pluto and Trine Jupiter. This dynamic energy gives us an opportunity to see through whatever crisis we might have been, or currently are facing with the perspective of growth and transformation. Emotions might be a little intense right now… but the heaviness is soon lifting. Pluto wants to uncover what has been hidden and keeping you from your growth, while Jupiter is pushing you to keep stepping into your potential.


Many souls have been going through this period of transformation and we are needing to trust in the darkness that precedes rebirth. We have felt the urge for inner and spiritual growth by making positive changes in our daily lives, and this is the time to maintain that and keep those new habits up.

This full moon holds power for deep transformation… your intuition is heightened and you are being asked to step into your full power. Spiritual and personal growth are important right now if you want to see anything else grow in your life!

The full moon is in Aries which lends us extra inspiration and aids in the fires of rebirth and transformation. Aries wants you to face things head-on and trust that your inner fire will light the way.

This Blood Moon takes place on the 13th of the month once again… While it’s not Friday the 13th, this is still a lucky and magical day.13 is the number of the Goddess and is often associated with witchcraft. Magic made on the 13th is extra potent!

As we get closer to Samhain and the next turning of the Wheel of the Year, the veil between realms thins as our ancestors and the spirits of our loved ones walk with us, feeling closer than ever. There are subtle but powerful forces walking with us and guiding us right now.

Your ancestors and guides are calling to you to help you awaken to your true power! Invite them in, listen to what they may be telling you during this transformational time. We are not here to walk this path alone.

For tonight’s full moon ritual, we are delighted to share a spell from The Book of Spells by Jamie Della.

Jamie Della has studied magick and spirituality from around the world for more than twenty years. As a practitioner of healing arts, she leads workshops and ritual retreats on earth-based spirituality at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium. Jamie is the author of eight books, including The Wicca Herbal and The Wicca Cookbook, and writes the “Herbal Journeys” column in Witches & Pagans Magazine. Several of her essays and articles have also been featured in online and print publications such as Southwestern American Literary Journal, SageWoman Magazine, Rebelle Society, and the Manifest-Station.


Witches are re-emerging in popular culture as a symbol for self-help, healing, empowerment and spiritual strength.
The Book of Spells is a detailed and comprehensive resource newly revised with over 50 spells and complete with the history and in-depth details on the magickal tools and traditions of witchcraft that are designed to help you uncover your Divine essence. Readers will be guided through a variety of rituals and visualizations including those for releasing negativity, increasing bliss, healing a broken heart, and finding your spirit guides.

The Book of Spells has just been released and is now available for purchase here.
Whether new to the Craft or simply seeking needed wisdom on healing or self-empowerment, The Book of Spells is the ultimate guide for those seeking to affirm and manifest their desires and dive confidently into the mysteries of Magick with guidance from a trusted expert.


A Spell to Summon a Loved One’s Spirit

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Some people leave an imprint on our hearts, never to be erased by time or memory. We are blessed to have many people in our lives, even though some of them may have died, also known as crossing to the other side, passing through the veil, transitioning, and by other terms.

The use of different phrases is important because it points to the fact that there is a thin veil between those living on earth and those in Heaven, the Other Side, Spirit World, Nirvana, Summerland, Elysian Fields, and many more names.

There is a way to move between the worlds and connect with those no longer with us in flesh and bone.

Most of the time this connection will not be in the form of having a chat with our loved one sitting at the end of our bed, although it can be. Often, we will experience their presence. The room may turn cold, the wind might pick up unexpectedly, or we may be surrounded in an aura of color. Since we are all energy, even in Spirit form, often our loved ones communicate with us through electricity. Lights may flicker, computers could randomly turn on, or the phone will ring but no one answers on the other end.

You do not need a specific reason to summon a loved one, other than to simply enjoy their presence again. This is not a spell to be done lightly or for show.

This is a formal request to pierce the veil between the living and the Spirit realms and must be performed with pure intention. A great time to do this spell is on Halloween, also known as Samhain, or any Saturday otherwise.

Place a picture of your loved one on a north-facing wall, or if you can, position an altar in this direction.

Light a white candle.

If you know your loved one’s favorite scent, either burn that incense, wear that perfume, or place that flower on the altar.

If you do not, gather lavender sprigs, wear a few drops of lavender oil, or burn lavender incense.

Prepare a snack for the two of you (or however many people are in the ritual), making sure to include your loved one’s favorite foods.

Sit in front of your altar, and imagine them sitting next to you.

Relax; you are only calling on the Spirit of a familiar loved one. Watch for any little sign, which may also come later in a dream.

This spell is best performed around the time of Samhain when the veil is the thinnest, but remember the spirit world is always around us! You can call upon your spirit guides, ancestors or loved ones at any time, but this Full Moon and the weeks leading up to Samhain hold potent energy.

Remember to be watchful of how your loved ones communicate with you. Everyone experiences Spirit messages differently… but your spirit guides and ancestors will make their message known to you in a way you will not miss.

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Happy Full Blood Moon! This Full Moon in Aries can feel a little bit intense! Full Moons always heighten emotions, but this full moon is square Pluto and Trine Jupiter. This dynamic energy gives us an opportunity to see through whatever crisis we might have been, or currently are facing with the persp

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