A Journey through the Senses: Breathe Deeply

The Druid's Garden

An Ancient Black Oak An Ancient Black Oak

Over the summer, I spent the weekend at a beautiful farm with my family for a family reunion. That land had gifted me, and all of us, much that weekend. I had found some stunning new stones for pigments, I had spent tranquil time on the lake, and I had talked with many of the trees there. So, as I was preparing to leave, I walked up to a giant oak on my way out. I gave it a big hug. It had rained the night before and the trunk was covered in lichen. I took a breath and the smell was that sweet and earthy smell of lichen. I remember the smell the first time I smelled such a lichen. It was down in Louisiana, and I had visited an ancient live oak with some druid friends. A branch had fallen on the ground…

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Fairy Queens: Meeting the Queens of the Otherworld | John Beckett

What an amazing time to be a Pagan! While we have a long way to go toward true religious equality, we can openly profess beliefs and practices that would have gotten us burned at the stake less than 300 years ago. Arcane books that were difficult to find and dangerous to own are delivered to … Continue reading Fairy Queens: Meeting the Queens of the Otherworld | John Beckett

Herbs from the Witch’s Garden

The Herb Society of America Blog

By Jen Munson, HSA Education Chair

webinar Jackson witch2019Grab the latest issue of HSA’s The Herbarist and gather around the cauldron to learn about herbs from the witch’s garden with author and guest speaker, Andrea Jackson. Much of what we know about herbs and plants belongs to early witches who were called upon to know their plants and potions. Although witches were often associated with doing the devil’s work, there were many others who were “wise women” going about the business of bringing healing through plants, roots, and herbs, along with chanting, healing, and love potions.

Plan to join us on October 22nd at 1pm eastern as Andrea Jackson shares with us, “Herbs from the Witch’s Garden.” With the cool weather and shortened days leaving long shadows, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn what plants made witches fly and perhaps leave you inspired to create a spell of your…

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The Scent of Magick | Phoenix LeFae

After working a full day at my shop, I get home smelling of candle smoke and incense. My hair holds the scent of magickal herbs. For days after working in the shop, my clothes will retain the smell of essential oils and amber. It clings to me like a second skin. I don’t smell it, … Continue reading The Scent of Magick | Phoenix LeFae

Marie Laveau Conjure Course

Courses are offered by Denise Alvarado...Learn about Marie Laveau. https://www.creolemoon.com/ Take the Course I am excited to offer the Marie Laveau Conjure Course once again in November. The course is based on my new book, the Magic of Marie Laveau. This course will be a seven-day course beginning November 4 - 10, 2019, so please take note of … Continue reading Marie Laveau Conjure Course

Samhain in the Devil’s Garden | Coby Michael Ward

All Hallows Eve is quickly approaching.  The darkness is creeping closer every day.  You can feel the cold grip of the coming winter slithering its way back up from its yearly resting place deep in the Underworld.  The excitement and anticipation on both sides of the veil are tangible.  It is during this time of … Continue reading Samhain in the Devil’s Garden | Coby Michael Ward

Full Blood Moon in Aries – To Summon The Spirit of A Loved One — Spirit de la Lune

  This Full Moon in Aries can feel a little bit intense! Full Moons always heighten emotions, but this full moon is square Pluto and Trine Jupiter. This dynamic energy gives us an opportunity to see through whatever crisis we might have been, or currently are facing with the perspective of growth and transformation. Emotions … Continue reading Full Blood Moon in Aries – To Summon The Spirit of A Loved One — Spirit de la Lune

Create Your Own Magical Tea Blends – Witch Way Magazine

by Emma Kathryn Published in Witch Way Magazine’s May issue Herbal teas are a fantastic way to bring your magical practice into your everyday life. For me, every aspect of making tea, from the sourcing of ingredients (foraging is my thing!) to the blending of them, is part of that witching process, and I use … Continue reading Create Your Own Magical Tea Blends – Witch Way Magazine


While the Full Hunter’s Moon will reach peak fullness on Sunday, October 13, 2019, the Moon will appear full for roughly three days, from Saturday morning to Tuesday morning. It’s the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long—visible in the sky at sunset and setting around sunrise the next day! Because the Hunter’s Moon … Continue reading FULL MOON FOR OCTOBER 2019; THE FULL HUNTER’S MOON

Rain Sounds at Night

There is a trail on Clydel Mountain that is said to lead to a collection of old stone pools. These luminescent wellsprings of elemental magic provide an increase in vitality to those who drink from it. Wildlife in the surrounding area has been reported to give off a similar arcane glow. https://youtu.be/dd4D8tZPfKE   FOREST AT … Continue reading Rain Sounds at Night