The Energies of November 2019

The last couple of months have brought forward some decidedly intense, transformational currents of energy for us all to negotiate.  Hopefully, you are now becoming skilled at riding the waves of change that these energies tend to promote because November’s energy flow seems to have a focus on promoting further evolutionary growth. This is a month to allow everything that you are not, to dissolve with as much ease and grace as you can manage so that you can integrate more of your true self.

The energies incoming through the 11-11 gateway will as always, contain positive high-frequency light codes that will stimulate soul alignment and greater connection with our divine self. Mercury will be retrograde and conjunct the sun in Scorpio over this period which will provide exactly the right energetic focus to help us go within and connect with what is important for us at an inner level. This is a really great time to review your dreams and goals and particularly to get in touch with anything you are passionate about but have perhaps put to one side as not being relevant to your everyday life. You could think of this as a ‘reset point’, a gateway through which you can connect with a more expansive version of your soul’s purpose.

Pay particular attention to what comes up for you around the full moon on November 12th as this is likely to be very revealing of anything that you have been unconsciously hiding from yourself. In the wider world, this energy might illuminate anything that is hiding in plain sight but not being talked about, or in other words, the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’ will become unmistakable and obvious.

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The Influence of Scorpio

Each year during November the sun shines onto the Earth through the constellation of Scorpio, magnifying its influence, and providing an energetic backdrop for all the other planetary alignments and influences in the cosmic line-up for the month. With the sun magnifying the watery energies of Scorpio the energetic focus is on deep inner transformation.

Scorpio energy is warrior energy and it will unequivocally take us deep into the subterranean world of our subconscious, emotional nature so that any shadowy aspects of our personality that still need to be re-aligned can be recognized, owned and transformed. This process can feel intense but also both rewarding and strengthening if we allow ourselves to go with the flow of emotional cleansing that Scorpio energetics bring forward.

Mercury will turn direct again on November 20th just as the sun moves out of Scorpio, into Sagittarius. This will bring a change of focus in the energetic flow that will make it easier for us to manifest our goals, passions, and intentions.

The Importance of Focus and Perspective

November is a month to allow everything that you are not, to dissolve with as much ease and grace as you can manage so that you can integrate more of your true self.

The world seems to behave become an even more crazy, noisy and chaotic place than ever over the last twelve months. Polarities are becoming more extreme as anything that is out of alignment with the lower levels of fifth-dimensional consciousness is brought into the open for review. Transformation at a fundamental level will eventually take place but currently, there is a great deal of resistance that is creating confusion and fear in the human collective.

When you feel disturbed by all of this remember that behind the scenes of what is reported in the world’s media there are many dedicated, caring individuals just like you who are waking up, raising their consciousness and holding a vision of a more enlightened world for the future. As we each choose to align more fully with our soul’s purpose and then activate it in our everyday life, those that are currently struggling will find it easier to allow change to take place.

The focus and perspective that we choose to hold in our everyday lives can make an important contribution to the ongoing process of change if we are mindful. This opportunity is often overlooked because it seems so deceptively simple so here are a few thoughts that might be helpful to consider this month…

Focus: everything that you think and feel carries a vibrational frequency and anything that you choose to focus on will be magnified by your attention to it. That same attention point will also connect you into a forcefield containing similar vibrational frequencies. Take care to choose your thoughts and feelings with care this month, aligning them as much as possible with what you would like to experience in your life.

Perspective: there are many ways to view the everyday events of your life. Check-in with yourself to see whether there are situations in life where you automatically fall into a ‘default’ setting that includes vibrations like judgment, doubt, fear, etc. Use the energy flow this month to transform these so that you can get a more expanded view of the situation. Remember to ask your soul for its contribution to this expanded viewpoint.

Stay centered: it is difficult to maintain our chosen focus and perspective if we do not stay centered in our own energy. Make it a daily practice this month to check in with yourself, connect with your grounding cord and keep your energy field clear of unwanted influences.

Listen to yourself: check-in daily to connect with what is important for you. Try to follow through with whatever you connect with. Nobody’s ideas of what is right for you are more important than your own inner knowing.

November is a month to allow everything that you are not, to dissolve with as much ease and grace as you can manage so that you can integrate more of your true self.

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