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November is providing us with so many astrological and cosmic lessons!

On 11/11 this month there is what is known as a “gateway” or cosmic portal opening up. This 11/11 gateway is meant to expand consciousness, upgrade our intuition, heighten our abilities, bring about self-healing and gives us access to new spiritual wisdom.

On the 11th, Mercury is in conjunction with the Sun. Mercury, our innermost planet of the solar system will pass right in front of the Sun. It will even be visible to many in North America. This event rarely happens and won’t happen again until the year 2032.

Mercury represents the mind, communication, and the intellect, passing in front of the light of the Sun will bring us new awareness, answers to big questions we’ve been asking and gives us access to other new information the entire planet has been asking for. The fact that it happens on the 11th is huge!

11 is a very powerful number. In Numerology there are 3 master numbers, 11, 22, and 33. 11 represents intuition, instant karma, and manifestation. There is a reason we make wishes when we see 11:11 on the clock! This number represents access to the higher realms, connecting the subconscious to the conscious and manifesting our goals and dreams into physical reality.

This 11/11 gateway lining up just before the Full Moon on the 12th is a very powerful occurrence! Some say it’s the most magical day of the year. 11/11 acts as a doorway that we choose to “walk through” whenever we notice it.

Earth is currently going through a mass awakening. You might be noticing repeating numbers 1111, 222, etc. You might even notice sequential numbers like 1234. This is a sign that you are currently “walking through” these gateways, downloading new information, and being given access to new gifts, upgrades, and higher consciousness.

This clears out old programming and helps you step into a new and better version of you. Be aware, this can trigger the ego a bit… in order for you to notice what needs clearing.

This portal/gateway lasts a few days and the energy can be intense. One of the best ways to access this portal and step through the “gateway” is actually through the heart chakra, and staying in your heart.

With the New Moon in Taurus on the 12th, we wanted to do a heart chakra ceremony for this special event using the earth medicine of Cacao.

Drink from the Cauldron of Wisdom

We all are born with fountains of inner wisdom and knowledge. Our time on earth is not so much a time of learning, but a time of remembering. Over our time here, as we dedicate our time and energy to the discovery of that Truth, we are given access to our innate wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

Using Cacao and other spices, we will open the heart chakra, where this fountain of knowledge can be found.

According to the Mayan tradition, cacao literally translates to “heart blood” and theobromine (the psychoactive ingredient) translates as “food of the Gods.

Chocolate has long been seen as a symbol of romance and love. It is often given as gifts to show affection. This is because of what the cocoa bean does to the heart. Modern research shows us that theobromine widens the blood vessels and stimulates the heart.

Cocoa Powder vs Cacao Powder vs Ceremonial Cacao

Cocoa and Cacao are not quite the same things… Though they do come from the same plant.

You can find Cacao at many grocery stores and it’s great for times you want to replace coffee, teas or other highly caffeinated, sugary energy drinks.

Even grocery store cacao can offer heart chakra opening effects helping you feel a sense of bliss and happiness on top of the energy it provides.

Please be sure to check the sources of where the cacao comes from before you purchase!

Make sure you are getting fair-trade cacao that is organic!

Ceremonial Cacao is a bit different than the cacao powder you buy in grocery stores. Cacao powder has still been processed and has lost some of the healthy fats.

You can buy some ceremonial grade cacao here.

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Ceremonial-grade cacao is made by fermenting and lightly toasting or sun-drying the beans, then peeling the husks (usually by hand) and grinding them down to create a paste, which is turned into a block or chopped finely into nibs. There is no sugar added to it, and all of the bean’s fat remains intact. This helps balance the stimulating properties and helps the body absorb the nutrients.

Ceremonial grade cacao offers a more intense “blissful” and elated feeling than regular grocery store cacao does. (You can use either for the ceremony!)

The psychoactive ingredients in cacao will not make you feel high or drunk… but with ceremonial grade cacao, you tend to feel a deep euphoric sensation.

Many say they feel deeply connected to mother earth, others around them and an elated sensation, thankful to be in the moment.

It’s often recommended that one does ceremonial grade cacao with a group or with a guide or a guide first, if this isn’t possible, be sure to set sacred space for yourself and set clear intentions with your personal cacao ceremony. (Don’t just pour your cacao into a travel mug and go run errands!)

Ceremonial Cacao should be done with sacred intention. The heart-opening sensation makes us feel receptive, vulnerable and open. It is in this state that we are aware of what needs evolving and helps catalyze change in our lives.

It’s also recommended to fast before consuming ceremonial grade cacao so that you can feel the full effects.

Please DO NOT INGEST CEREMONIAL CACAO if you’re taking antidepressants, have a serious heart condition, or are taking hypertension medications. Please talk to your doctor first. Ceremonial cacao paste contains tryptophan and MAO inhibitors that may cause a synergistic intensification when combined with antidepressants. The theobromine in the cacao can also increase your heart rate significantly which can be dangerous if you have a heart condition. Cacao is a vasodilator, which lowers blood pressure, expands blood vessels and may intensify or interfere with the effects of hypertension medication. Please ask your doctor beforehand if this applies to you!

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Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

You will need:

Cacao (either ceremonial grade cacao, or organic fair trade powdered cacao)

Hot Liquid (You can use hot water or hot nut milk for a creamier version.)

Natural Sweetener (Optional, cacao is meant to be bitter, too much sweetener will change how the cacao absorbs into your system.)

Spices (Optional, chili, cinnamon, nutmeg are all great spices to add flavor and intention to your cacao.)

Intention or Journal

Sacred or Cleansed Space

Cacao was traditionally enjoyed without any sweetener. If you are new to it, and don’t like the bitter taste, add a bit of raw honey once your cacao has cooled a bit. Don’t over sweeten! Too much sweeter will keep your body from absorbing the benefits. (Example: For 0.85 oz. of cacao, add no more than 0.15 oz. of sweetener.)


Use either water or nut milk. Hazelnut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, are great options. Don’t allow your liquid to boil! Just like green tea, you can heat out all the powerful nutrients if you let the milk boil. If your water or nut milk does boil, allow it to cool for a few minutes, then add a cup of cold water/milk to it. You want it to be around 170 degrees.

(Select your dosage with intention. As you’re getting started, it is good to take note of how your body responds to different amounts, as everybody is different.)

Cleanse and dedicate your space for the ceremony. Clean up your space. Set up an altar. Burn some sage or incense in your space. Let others know you do not want to be bothered for the night. Turn off electronics. Change into something comfortable. Do whatever you feel called to do to help set the mood or tone for the ceremony.

If you are using FireFly’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao:

Everyday dose            5-12 discs        ½ cup liquid

Ceremonial dose        12-20 discs      ½ – 1 cup liquid

  • Break up the large chunks of cacao into smaller pieces so it is quicker to soften in hot water.

  • Place pot of water/milk and a pinch of chili (optional) on the stove. Heat until just under boiling.

  • Add cacao to water or milk.

  • Add optional sweetener and spices. (If using raw honey, allow your liquid to cool a bit so the heat doesn’t kill the benefits of the honey.)

  • Use a whisk to blend cacao until cacao is melted and there is froth on top of the mixture.

  • Serve & enjoy!

If you are using Cacao Powder:

1-1 1/2 tablespoon of cacao powder to 1 cup liquid

  • Heat your milk on the stove until just under boiling.

  • Add in your cacao powder and spices and whisk until mixed fully.

  • Add honey or sweetener to your cup after it’s cooled a bit.

  • Serve and enjoy!

It is a good idea to keep a small whisk or spoon nearby. The cacao tends to settle at the bottom of your cup.

*If you are new to cacao, drink only ⅔ of your serving to begin. Sit with the cacao for some time, when you feel comfortable to drink the rest of your cup.


Full Moon in Taurus 11/11 gateway cacao ceremony Spirit de la Lune

Set Your Intention

Hold your cup in from of your heart and breath in the rich fragrance. Close your eyes and ground your body into the earth as you breathe deeply. Thank the earth for this cacao medicine and ask it to guide you. Ask your questions, set your intentions or make a dedication.

Sip your cacao slowly. Be mindful of each sip and feel it enter your body.

There are a number of things you can do to allow this medicine to do its work:

Sit in silence and meditate

Journal whatever insights come to mind.

Say prayers

Set intentions

Make a gratitude list

Walk barefoot outside, connect with mother earth.

After you have brewed your cacao, it can take about 20 minutes for the full effect to kick in and it will last for 2-4 hours depending on your body.

Happy Full Crone Moon & 11/11 Gateway! The energy has been building in intensity over this entire month leading us to this fabulous Full Moon in Taurus. November is providing us with so many astrological and cosmic lessons! On 11/11 this month there is what is known as a “gateway” or cos

Source: Full Crone Moon | Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune