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Herbal greetings, my fellow plant lovers,

Are you as delighted as I am to see Herbalism blossoming so beautifully and abundantly throughout the country?  Populations of people who have a long but often forgotten history of herbal use are rediscovering and reclaiming their ancient traditions.   There is at least one herb school, herb class or herb association in every state and its not impossible these days to find a well-trained herbalist in your community or a nearby city or town. Social consciousness and health justice issues are on the rise, bringing greater awareness of health care for those people in greatest need.   And in crisis situations, herbalists are showing up to collaborate in setting up support and grief care clinics for communities in need.  A most recent example of this is the Mobile Botanical Bus that was organized by a group of herbalists in Sonoma County, California after the recent fires to provide health care and support to individuals and families in need.  Through fire, hurricanes, and floods, herbalists are on the front lines.

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To say I’m thankful, amazed and in awe of the herbal community(s) and our united passion and effort to bring herbs to the forefront again would be an understatement, especially when I think back 45 years ago to when I first opened my little herb shoppe, Rosemary’s Garden, in northern California.   I’m sure you’ve heard me reminisce before how there were hardly any books available, or herbalists offering classes, or herbal products, or even good quality herbs.   Which was the compelling reason I felt driven to open an herb shop, started teaching classes, opened an herb school, and shortly afterward started a correspondence course for those people who were unable to attend Herb School in person?  Who would have ever thought all these long years later, I’d still be reviewing your homework!  What a long, joyful and inspiring journey it’s been!

As I near my 71st year and contemplate life in the ‘slower lane’, I’m thankful that The Science & Art of Herbalism Home Study Course allows me to continue to teach and to reach hundreds of students that I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work with, people who often write to tell us how the study of herbs has changed their lives.  Herbs have a way of doing that as they invite us ever deeper into the heart of the Green Nations and teach us profound lessons about green wisdom, health and well being and living more harmoniously as neighbors on this planet.   I look forward to continuing this work with you and encourage you to study deeply, use the plants to guide you, live as they do, rooted in the earth, sharing abundantly, giving what they have to give with such grace and beauty.

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While I’m not traveling and teaching as much as I once did, I do enjoy staying in touch with my students through my Home Study Course.  Reviewing homework and offering feedback and suggestions has been especially rewarding, as I continue to be amazed at the quality of work my students do. They are wise ancient beings. Their message isn’t about division and conflict, but harmonious giving healing energy.  When we open our hearts to the green wisdom, love seems to flow in, and our bodies and souls are more relaxed and happier; and we tend to be kinder to one another. Garden, make medicines, share, be generous and kind, and love one another. Especially in these difficult and challenging times, we need the sweet healing balm of the plants to guide us.

With Enduring Green Gratitude,

Rosemary Gladstar

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  1. All this is so true. Right now I’m advocating to end the myth — ‘there’s no cure for dengue fever. I’ve begin a letter effort drafted to major and local business owners to lend their support as an investment in their customers. The herbal schools are doing a great service. Only limited funds have kept me from in enrolling in one so far; — but where there is life, there is yet hope!

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