Seasonal Magic

‘Twas the dark before Solstice
when all through the eaves
rose the steam of pine honey, cinnamon and teas.

The herb bundles were hung by the rafters with care
each gathered with gratitude, deep reverence, and prayer.

Every essence was siphoned, all snug in their jars
ready to fly like reindeer to stockings near and far.

The roots were preserved in honey, the berries in Brandywine,
the cabinets were plum laden with an abundance of all kinds.

So as the bright night of Solstice began to draw near,
we crept to the hearth to infuse each medicine with cheer.

We lit the candles, swung the doors of our apothecary wide,
we are delighted to announce that our Seasonal magic shop is now open for Yuletide!

Deep magic, old magic, herbal and stone magic too.
Remedies to light the darkness, embrace the mysteries and renew.

Each gift made with bright twinkle and heart
thank you for welcoming our medicine into your celebrations,
we are so grateful to be such a part.

And so we leave you with a jolly wink and hearts full of merriment + light

Blessed days to you all! And to all a season of truly magical nights!

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