Christmas-Solstice EO blend: bring the forest inside

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Christmas Tree EO Blend.png Oringinal image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

I love the scent of evergreens… perhaps this is why I walk so often in the nearby forests. In winter, I like to bring those scents indoors to freshen up the indoor air — especially if it’s just too cold to throw open the windows.

So, each year I make a Solstice/Christmas essential oil blend for diffusing and reminding me — on those days I can’t get outside or bring the outside indoors— of the beautiful and healing fragrance of the boreal forest. I normally add a touch of spicy oils that I associate with our Solstice celebrations, such as orange and cinnamon.

This year, I changed up the scent just a little… adding in a touch of Frankincense essential oil (one of my favourites), a reminder of the coming sacred time that some of us celebrate as Christmas or Yule, and others as…

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