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Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!

This Lunar Eclipse is a big one. You will find it will have some personal impacts in your own life, and you might notice some big things going on in the world this weekend.

This full moon in Cancer is the Wolf Moon. This is a pretty intense Eclipse! The full moon is opposite the sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. This is especially intense as we are building up for Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place on the 12th of January.

We’ve likely all been feeling the Saturn Pluto conjunction building for a few weeks now… On a global level, we are likely to see some big shifts within our governments, the economy, and other surprising political news.

On a personal level, you might find out some unexpected news, or feel a call to get real with yourself so you can reach some of your long term goals. This Lunar Eclipse is a very powerful one when it comes to setting intentions and making your dreams come true.

For tonight’s Full Moon Eclipse Ritual we are featuring a DIY on creating your own manifestation box.

A manifestation box is also known as an “intention box,” “wish box,” “prayer box,” and “creation box”. It is a box dedicated to helping you create the life that you want by placing things in the box that you want to attract. Using a manifestation box, you are sending an affirmation and intention to the universe to help bring you your desires.

You can simply write your desires on a piece of paper and place them in the box, you can also put in sigils or small objects that represent your desires as well.

If you choose to write out your desires and intentions, remember to use the present tense. “I have, I desire, I am, I’m thankful for” are great ideas because they help establish a connection between you and your intentions. Using words like “I want, I wish for, I need” actually creates a bigger gap between you and your desires.

Manifestation boxes are great for:

  • Establishing a connection between your intentions and the universe.

  • Getting things that might be worrying you “off your chest” and into the universe’s hands.

  • Expressing your creativity.

  • Setting a sacred space for your intentions and desires.

  • Giving a clear point of focus for yourself and the universe.

You can actually use any kind of box you want for your manifestation box! If you have an old unused box laying around, cleanse it under the moon or with some sage and dedicate it as your manifestation box. You can also decorate the box any way you like!

The most important thing is that you like the box you are using.

The biggest part of using the Law of Attraction is how you feel when you are setting the intention. So make sure you truly enjoy your box!

For my box today I bought an unpainted simple wooden box. You can purchase these at Michael’s, hobby lobby or any craft store!

First, I stained it with some wood stain.

When it was dry I sanded the edges a bit to give it a “worn” look.

On the inside, I painted a galaxy with some cheapy craft paint.

When everything was dry I sprayed it all with a gloss fixative inside and out.


Tonight and this weekend is a very powerful night to make and begin using your intention box! Use it to give your personal intentions extra power… and maybe think of something you can do for the world too! A sigil for some rain in Australia or images or intentions for world peace is a great way to use your manifestation box this weekend.


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