Sage Moon in Leo Energy Reset Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

The Sage moon is a full moon all about cleansing and purifying as we approach a new season. While we are transitioning into a new season this is always a great time to reset your energy. The best way to do this is to realign and cleanse your chakras the energy centers along your spine that create the rainbow of frequencies and colors and auras within your field.

This ceremony is a two-step process and can take 2-3 days to complete but the Full Moon energy can be felt within a 3 day period- The day before the Full moon and the day after the Full moon, so we got you covered!

I colored in my Sage Moon moondala with colors related to the heart chakra and sacral chakra, focusing on my heart for forgiveness, self-love, worthiness, unconditional love, and self-esteem. The love I feel for others is how I want to cultivate that in my own being.

You could even place your grid on top of your colored moondala if you wanted to charge it with those frequencies as well, but I decided to place my separately while I make my moon water. My moon water contains Sunstone for the Full Moon in Leo and Rose Quartz! Let it all charge under the moonlight under the Full moon!

The next day when you gather your stones, now it is the time to place these charged stones on your body along your chakras for a Full Moon chakra activation! Lay in this grid for 20-30 minutes! Feel free to listen to chakra meditation, you can find a lot on Youtube! After you feel charged up drink your Moonwater and move through the next season with confidence and clarity!

Happy Full Sage Moon in Leo!

Source: Sage Moon in Leo Energy Reset Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune