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This New Moon is in Pisces and Aquarius depending on your location, and has the potential to activate your heart center and illuminate your imagination!

All new moons represent new beginnings and the opportunity to begin a new chapter. This one will help you tune in to what you truly desire so that you can manifest your dreams and goals.

This Seed Moon cycle represents the time of planting. Before we are able to plant seeds, we must first visualize the garden we are wanting to create and plan ahead. You will feel your creative juices flowing throughout this month in a few different ways. The Pisces and Aquarius energy will begin in your third eye and crown chakra and slowly move through you helping you see the steps needed to reach your goals.

Mercury is retrograde this month until March 9th which will make it seem hard to complete tasks. Don’t be afraid to use this time to observe and visualize until it goes direct! You will feel another burst of energy on the 20th as we enter into the new season of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Seed Moon cycle is a month of movement! Each new moon, using our Tune to the Moon planners and decks as our guide, we write up the Lunar Report to help us all navigate the new cycle ahead.

New Moon in Aquarius

The moon turns new on February 23rd in the sign of Aquarius. This is a week to dream big!

Aquarius helps us step into our full potential this week. You might feel that you crave freedom, truth, and knowledge while the moon is in Aquarius. Use this energy to help you visualize how you want this new cycle to unfold. Allow yourself to daydream this week and use your imagination as the guide and tool that it is.

The moon shifts into the dreamy sign of Pisces shortly after this new moon which can cause us to have our head in the clouds. This means there might not be much physical activity you can (or want to) do right now. So take this time to meditate and visualize. Daydream with intention.

This month we will experience the Seed Moon… What do you want to do with this new moon cycle? What seeds are you planting? The new moon cycle represents new beginnings and a new chapter. Take time to daydream! Your imagination is a valuable tool when it comes to creating the life you want. In fact, imagination is the first step toward creation and manifestation. This week might feel dreamy and slow, so be sure to utilize this meditative time.



The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous, Focus. You might feel that your energy this week is scattered and your head might be in the clouds. Try to bring more deliberation to your energy. You might not be able to take action, but focus your mind on the things you want to create. You might notice your energy is ebbing right now, learn to work with that ebb. Explore candle magic to bring more focus to your goals. Write out your intentions this week or create a vision board to help improve your focus.

First Quarter in Gemini


On March 2nd, the Moon turns to the first quarter in the sign of Gemini. A Gemini waxing moon can have us feeling restless and ready for action… any action.

As the moon grows in the sky, we too feel our own energy increasing and growing. Gemini favors variety and assortment. You might feel pulled in a few directions this week! Now is a great time to run those errands or answer those emails you may have been avoiding.

Gemini favors communication, sending and writing letters and all forms of connection. This week could be a busy but gratifying one. Gemini likes to take on many things at once… so give yourself enough time to finish up old tasks before jumping onto something new! As the moon turns towards full later, you might feel this momentum continues to grow.


Ride the waves of this waxing moon energy this week! The first quarter moon is all about ignition being the element of fire, and the airy sign of Gemini this week is an invigorating start towards building momentum and fanning that flame. As the moon moves into Cancer later this week, connecting and helping others might come up. This is also a great time to nurture your house plants.

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent, Play. With your creative juices flowing this week, now is a good time to invoke your inner child! The inner child comes out to play when they feel safe, heard and healed. Don’t be afraid to pursue hobbies or activities that are not always considered “mature.” Play can help guide you to your bliss and soul desire!


Full Seed Moon in Virgo

The moon turns full on the 9th of March in the earthy sign of Virgo. The Full Seed Moon represents the time when the soil begins to warm and thaw.

Seeds can once again be planted, but only when the soil is warm enough. There might not be much growth to celebrate or harvest, but this full moon celebrates that the warmer months are coming, and the endless possibilities that live within a tiny seed.

The Virgo Full Moon wants us to look at the way we are doing things in a more practical way. You might find yourself re-organizing or re-thinking some of your initial plans or intentions. It might be that you need to think out your new moon intentions and goals in a more practical or logical way in order to get things growing the way you want them too. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate and try a new approach!



Virgo Moon improves our critical eye and helps us see where our mistakes are. This week is a great time for problem-solving and tending to the details. On March 9th, Mercury goes direct in the sign of Pisces which will help open up pathways of communication that once felt blocked. Think of this full moon is a time to refine your goals as blocked energy is now beginning to move freely. Try pulling the Seed Moon spread from the guidebook or coloring in the Moondala to help clarify and empower your intention this week.

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Crescent, Expansion. It is time to utilize your energy to create a plan of action. You might be feeling your energy flow in a positive and impactful way this week. Don’t play small this week. Allow your energy to expand and take the steps you’ve been planning to take. Be confident in your decisions this week as you move forward and begin planting the seeds you’ve been planning all winter long.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The last quarter moon takes place on March 16th in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius. The moon in Sagittarius no longer has us focusing on the small details and wanting to problem solve the same way se before… instead we see the bigger picture and can actually have some fun with the planning stages.

The sunny sign of Sagittarius awakens our adventurous side. The waning moon might cause our own energy to ebb as well, but the last quarter moon in Sagittarius is keeping us excited as we prepare for planting and the rebirth of Spring.

This last quarter moon has us looking forward to the coming season with anticipation. While the moon in Sagittarius doesn’t always like to follow through with plans, we will feel a sense of hope and anticipation during this last quarter moon phase, especially as the moon moves into Capricorn helping us stay disciplined enough to follow through with our ideas.

A few short days after the last quarter moon the sun moves into Aries on the 20th of March, further igniting our passion and drive towards our expansion. This is also the first day of Spring! The sun in Aries and the first day of spring reignite us in so many ways. It’s important to be adventurous and keep your fun-loving side this week for sure, but be careful to not be too impulsive or spontaneous right now.



On the 22nd, Saturn briefly enters Aquarius before going into Capricorn in December. Saturn’s transits generally last for months, and it’s typically a time when we can see the patterns that are holding us back. Saturn makes us slow down and evaluate what the weakest link is that might be holding us back.

The card pulled for this week is Waxing Gibbous, Manifest. You might begin to see some results of your past efforts this week. Many of your desires will feel in reach right now. Belief in your magick and gifts is so vital right now! To manifest is to know you are worthy of your desires. Believe in yourself and your destiny. Know and rely on the tools and resources you have to complete your goals.

The Seed Moon cycle might have us feeling dreamy at first, but as the moon waxes in the sky, our energy will also grow! With determination, you can turn your dreams into reality this moon. This month is the time of planning and planting our soul seeds and preparing for the new season ahead. Allow yourself to dive deep into your imagination and visualize what you want to accomplish. Trust that the steps to manifest your dreams and desires will show up as you start planting the seeds.

Happy New Moon!

Please note: Our planner and calculations are based on UTC time – time zones will affect what sign the Moon is in your location. Some people may experience this New Moon in Aquarius or Pisces according to your location! So make sure you have a moon app on your phone that syncs up to where you live for the most accurate moon signs!

Happy New Moon! Please note: Our planner and calculations are based on UTC time – time zones will affect what sign the Moon is in in your location. Some people may experience this New Moon in Aquarius or Pisces according to your location! So make sure you have a moon app on your phone t

Source: New Moon in Aquarius Lunar Report Entering the Seed Moon Cycle — Spirit de la Lune