The 13th Moon 2020 – Soul Dreamers

We have finally reached the end of our seasonal lunar year! We have one more passage to go before the arrival of the Spring Equinox! Most astrologers treat the lunar path as if it were the sun, and use that knowledge and the sun’s perspective.

But this isn’t really accurate, because the moon is the complete opposite of the sun, it is a mirror reality, a reflection, and reflective experience, within favorable and unfavorable feelings, empathy and instinct.

This month is the elusive and the real 13th Moon!
Savor it, because it doesn’t happen very often.

The 13th Moon begins February 23, 2020 @ 9:32 am (CST)

Leap Year February 29th, followed by the Spring Equinox, March 19th
and then the First New Moon of Spring is March 24.

Examples for “one” 13th Moon Intention, chose one that
feels right or makeup one of your own for this month:

Cardinal Moons
I am beautiful and heal my jealousy (Libra Moons)
I am strong at keeping my body healthy (Aries Moons)
I heal my wounds by nurturing myself (Cancer Moons)
I have a purpose with dedication (Capricorn Moons)

Fixed Moons

I am creative in healing my heart (Leo Moons)
I am humbleness which makes me free (Aquarian Moons)
I am grounded in my values (Taurus Moons)
I accept my deep feelings and do not hide (Scorpio Moons)

Mutable Moons
I am listening and heal my mind (Gemini Moons)
I am focused and use my energy wisely (Sagittarian Moons)
I give service to my self-healing (Virgo Moons)
I am sober and a peaceful dreamer (Pisces Moons)

13th Moon
I Am

Happy 13th Moon, may your walk
seek awareness, may your heart
find its healing and may you 
with gentleness and self-care, self-love
and sobriety…

Phoenix the Elder

The 13th Moon Healing
So… my questions to you today at the beginning of this 13th Moon cycle is:
What does it mean to be “safe” to you right now in your life and where do you need to set new “boundaries”? Do you need to be heard and speak or express your truth in a personal situation right now? Do you feel physical, mentally or emotionally safe? Has the heart turned cold from being wounded emotionally in some way and if so, what is that? Do I express other feelings like anger instead of compassion or empathy in my personal life towards myself or in my personal situation?

What has wounded my heart over the years that is like a thorn? Am I willing to address, face and confront this in order to heal it? Does my mind cause me more trouble, or should I restrict my thoughts and beliefs to push through into being conscious of my heart and my pain? What does my heart need right now to heal or to be listened to by the self?

By Phoenix the Elder – Greeting Dreamers, Healers, Empaths and Artists! We have finally reached the end of our seasonal lunar year! We have one more passage to go before the arrival of the Sp…

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