NEW CRESCENT MOON IN ARIES We have passed through the Dark Moon in Aries into the New Crescent Moon today. We passed through the Spring Equinox last week, which is the official start of the lunar year, and have moved into the New Moon in Aries which is the official start to the lunar year. … Continue reading THE COURAGE TO TRUST YOUR INNER WISDOM

Saturn, Pluto and the Plague Times | Coby Michael Ward

Saturn- The Greater Malefic Saturn rules structure, restriction, hard work and life purpose.  While the planetary influence is usually viewed from a negative point of view; it is also about boundaries and regathering our personal resources.  Oftentimes life can leave our energy scattered and our boundaries broken.  We need a strong container to hold ourselves … Continue reading Saturn, Pluto and the Plague Times | Coby Michael Ward

Physical Land Healing: How do I know what to do?

The Druid's Garden

Some years ago, I remember one influential druid speaking at a major event and saying, “The best thing you can do in nature is pick up the garbage and get out.” From a certain standpoint, this perspective makes a lot of sense. It is the same perspective held by many conservationists trying to preserve pristine lands or lands that have been replanted and are healing; the best thing that can be done is figure out how to keep people from mucking them up, pick up garbage, and leave them undisturbed. This is a perspective ultimately rooted in the desire to care for nature, to preserve nature, and to do good. Unfortunately, this perspective doesn’t really seem to provide a meaningful way to respond to today’s problems ecologically because it’s largely based on assumptions that mitigate damage rather than actively regenerate ecosystems. This perspective as a whole teaches us how to…

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3 Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Recipes – Herbal Academy

The most important prevention measures we can take right now are staying home and practicing social distancing if leaving the house for essential work or trips to the grocery store or pharmacy—that is, staying at least 6 feet away from other people (Centers for Disease Control [CDC], 2020a). Washing hands thoroughly with soap and warm … Continue reading 3 Alcohol-Based Hand Rub Recipes – Herbal Academy

Elderberry Ice Cubes

The Dancing Herbalist

I often see individuals wanting to make elderberry syrup and then not wanting the sugar so they try to find another solution. Some try to substitute the sugar, others head to making a tincture but I really think that elderberry is best extracted in water, in a decoction. So how do we make a larger batch to save us time and not use the sugar? We can make ice cubes!

Any herbal tea can be frozen after extracted but elderberry is such a lovely color that it makes a delicious and colorful treat when it is frozen. You have a few different options to consider when making these ice cubes. Keep in mind that you may want to invest in non-plastic ice cube trays if you are going to be making these frequently to avoid the plastic leaching into your herbal products.

This recipe makes an herbal concentrate, 7 ice…

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A Passion For Violet: A Video Preview – Gather Victoria

I’ve been busy making videos on foraging & eating wild spring greens over at Gather Victoria Patreon but in April with the entrance of Venus, Goddess of Beauty and Love, I’ll be paying homage to her flower. Yes, that spring seductress of the wild woodland –  violet. Used in perfumes, enchantments, and love-spells throughout the ages this … Continue reading A Passion For Violet: A Video Preview – Gather Victoria

Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

CUT FLOWER GARDEN FAVORITES GROW GREAT ZINNIAS Learn all about these easy-to-grow flowers Spending time in the greenhouse and the garden has been incredibly grounding lately. We just finished sowing dozens of different varieties of tender annuals, including a ton of new celosia, cosmos, nasturtiums, and strawflowers. Envisioning all the beauty that will eventually bloom … Continue reading Grow Great Zinnias – Floret Flowers

New Moon in Aries Lunar Report | Entering the Planting Moon Cycle — Spirit de la Lune

  This is our first new moon of the new season, and we are all in some new and uncharted territory with the current situation going on in the world right now! Many locations are under quarantine and lockdowns right now… It is easy to feel anxious around this situation, and we are being asked … Continue reading New Moon in Aries Lunar Report | Entering the Planting Moon Cycle — Spirit de la Lune

Safety Discussion: Elderberry and COVID-19 – Herbal Academy

For those of you joining in or following along with the discussions here and elsewhere on whether or not elderberry should be used during the current outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve rounded up our clinical herbalists to put together this resource for you. Because elderberry is already a common part of supportive care during cold and flu season, it’s … Continue reading Safety Discussion: Elderberry and COVID-19 – Herbal Academy

Correctly Preparing Immune-Boosting Mushrooms

We are all doing our part to practice social distancing, but that doesn’t include social distancing from nature which just so happens to be bursting with spring goodness. Get your hands in the dirt, practice forest bathing, or plan your garden this weekend. This maybe your best medicine yet! That said, if you find yourself … Continue reading Correctly Preparing Immune-Boosting Mushrooms