The AODA’s Seven Element System: Above, Below, Within, Earth, Air, Fire, Water

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The AODA's Sphere of Protection in a Tree The AODA’s Sphere of Protection in a Tree demonstrating the seven-element framework

Perhaps the first thing to think about in any system of spiritual or magical practice is the way in which a practice offers a framework to understand reality. These frameworks vary widely based on the spiritual tradition: some use a complex system of deities to map concepts to reality.  Deities often have domains and represent certain aspects of reality (e.g the Horned God Cernunnos of Celtic Mythology can represent fertility, abundance, the land itself, and so forth). Other systems may have songs, stories, and dances to help explain the world.  Other systems may recognize different kinds of energies and map them (such as the Jewish Kabbalah or Yggdrasil, the world tree, in Norse tradition, In AODA, our primary framework is a seven-element framework. The seven-element system is a highly adaptable and non-dogmatic framework that you can use…

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One thought on “The AODA’s Seven Element System: Above, Below, Within, Earth, Air, Fire, Water

  1. Above and Below are the Same as Air and Earth. If you position Earth, Water, Air, and Fire around you and Above and Below above and below you, then it would theoretically work but is usless in an active ritual way. You would have to levitate and burrow into the ground to walk that “circle”. Within is doable. You just stand still and contemplate. I suppose you could use outstretched arms and hands for Above and lying or couching down for Below, but it seem artificial and redudant with Air and Earth.😎

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