The Energies of March 2020

The cosmic line up for March promises an energetically full month with a positive focus on continuous transformation and the testing of old structures that will not be fit for purpose going forward.

This process might feel intense at times so keep in mind that the intention behind the energy flow is one of ‘making things better’. Even so, it could still feel challenging to be faced with making new choices that appear to threaten carefully constructed comfort zones, so stay positive and remember to be kind to yourself as you negotiate the energies this month.

Full Moon in Virgo

We have powerfully expansive full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces on March 9th.

The energies around this time will provide a sense of optimism and illumination that will be very supportive of transformational change. Piscean energies facilitate inspiration from the spiritual dimensions, while Virgo has the ability to translate what is received into practical solutions. This will create a grand opportunity to move forward in new ways, especially as Mercury is set to turn direct around the time of the full moon.

You may find that you receive clarity on what is important for you to focus on going forward, recognize a change that is needed in your life or receive validation for the course of direction that you have already chosen over this time.

Pisces Symbol

The Influence of Pisces

The sun moved into Pisces on February 19th initiating a magnification of the qualities and ray energies associated with this constellation.

In western astrology, Pisces is represented by the sign of two fish apparently swimming in different directions while held together by a thread, a symbol that is a constant reminder of the illusion of separation and the need for personality and soul to operate as one.

This is an increasingly important theme right now as we transition from a third to fifth-dimensional reality. The energies this month will be fully supportive of this process, as they will be actively challenging us to confront the illusion of separation, transform old stories and anchor more of our multidimensional self into our everyday reality.

Kindness, compassion and the healing power of love are all associated with the higher aspects of Piscean energy so it will be particularly available to us in the energy flow this month. Consciously choosing to align with these positive vibrations can be a powerful way of bringing a swift resolution to any old issues or situations that might come into awareness for you.

March Equinox and a New Astrological Year

The equinoxes and solstices are important points of focus in the year when we receive powerful transmissions of high-frequency light containing new coding and instruction for our spiritual growth and further evolution. Each one of these energetic downloads builds upon the previous one, gradually expanding our capacity to absorb and integrate more Source light and love. The equinox on March 19th will bring us the next installment of these consciousness expanding energies and a grand opportunity to move deeper into our spiritual journey.

The sun will cross the Aries point on its way from Pisces to Aries on March 20th simultaneously marking the end of the astrological year and the beginning of a new one.

Continuing the theme of endings and beginnings, look out for the new moon in Aries on March 24th. Here we may find that the new beginnings we seek are conditional upon us making our peace with the past. Chiron will be conjunct with the moon which means that there may be some healing of old wounds before we can move forward. Acknowledgment and acceptance will be important to facilitate this deeply transformational new beginning.

The Power of Positive Vibrations

The cosmic line up for March promises an energetically full month with a positive focus on continuous transformation and the testing of old structures that will not be fit for purpose going forward

As we come to the end of another astrological year there is a strong sense that we are moving deeper into the unchartered waters of change.

The growing number of imbalances in the world are becoming more obvious and seem to compete daily for our attention. Alongside the news of wars, fires, floods, climate change and pending economic disasters we now have a fast-spreading new virus to add to the list.

In this situation, it could be easy to become distracted and lose perspective on the best way to respond to these difficult events. However, if we want to be part of creating a new more expanded reality, we must be very aware that any response we make carries a vibrational frequency which will either strengthen the new reality or add to the confusion and chaos in the old one. So how do we best maintain perspective?


This month keep the analogy of the seesaw in mind. Our everyday third-dimensional reality is built on polarity: right/wrong, good/bad, hot/cold, etc. In times of duress, it is very easy to slip back into this framework and begin to ride up and down on the seesaw of imbalance, swinging from one end of polarity to the other.

In the middle of the seesaw, there is a fulcrum point where if we can become quiet and still enough within ourselves a point of balance becomes accessible. Here you will find the doorway that will take you to a place where you can become the detached observer.


Detachment comes from the ability to own your own energy space and recognize that you have a choice over the vibrations that reside there.

Staying grounded and keeping a focus on your attention point is essential here. If you find that you have moved away from yourself into the past or the future or somehow left the ‘ door’ open so that unwanted energies have taken up residence, simply breathe deeply, reground and draw your focus back to yourself.

Give yourself some love and appreciation: there is nothing better to raise your frequency.

Choose Positive Vibrations

From a place of balance and detachment, we can more easily reset our perspective and begin to pull in the frequencies that will help us radiate positive life-enhancing energies into our environment.

Remember that positive high-frequency energies always override lower frequencies when held persistently and with focus. Start simply with this by setting the energy of your day in positivity, for instance, bring in the feelings of calm, ease and thankfulness.

Then just observe your thoughts and feelings and notice when you move away from the dynamic that you have set in place for yourself. You will probably find that you have to reset your energy many times in the day but recognize that this is normal and what happens for all of us as we retrain ourselves to live in a higher dimensional reality.

Take extra time out this month to connect with your soul/spirit and draw in the love and light that is you at that multidimensional level. Allow these positive vibrations to flood your physical body so that their high frequency can dissolve any unwanted energies and support your health and wellbeing at every level.

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