Seed Moon Intention Planting Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune

We are just a week and a half away from the spring Solstice! Spring begins on the 19th of March this year (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere.)

This is the earliest first day of spring we have seen for 124 years!

Already, there are signs of spring! Greenery is popping up, plants are coming back to life and birds are beginning to chirp again. The ground is softening once again so that the planting season can begin!

This week, on the 10th of March, Mercury is going direct! This Mercury retrograde has caused a lot of past lessons to come back up. For many, there are coming around again so as to not be avoided again. These last few weeks might have been uncomfortable on many levels, but we are shedding old energies so that we can grow and rise into our most authentic selves!

This Full Supermoon is in the earthy sign of Virgo!

You might feel a pull towards spring cleaning or organizing your home this week. It’s a great time for spring cleaning!

The energy of Virgo will help you figure out exactly what needs to be cleared away so that you can allow what serves you to grow in its place.

This is also a great week to spend out in the garden pulling out the dead plants and preparing the new growth that will soon come in.


For this month’s full moon ceremony, we are planting the seeds of our desires in a literal way!

New moons are typically the best time for creating intentions, so this full moon we are taking those intentions and planting them in a pot with a real seed. This is a pretty simple ceremony, but can be a powerful one if you give it your attention over the next few weeks! You can’t just plant a seed and expect it to grow on its own, the same thing goes for our goals and intentions!

You will need:

Your intention from the new moon. (If you didn’t create one, now is still a great time to do so!)

A small flower pot

A seed


Crystal (optional)

Moonwater or crystal-charged water.

Seed Planting Ritual

1. Write your intention on a small slip of paper (our reiki infused intention paper is great for this!)

2. Place your written intention in the pot with a small amount of soil.

3. Fill your pot halfway or 3/4 quarters full of moist soil. (This may vary depending on your seeds)


4. Plant your seed(s) and cover with soil. As you do, so remember your intention! You can also say it out loud as a spell. Remember to speak and write your intention in the present tense!


5. Water the soil with your moon water or your crystal charged water.


6. Place a small crystal in your pot to help infuse the soil and seed with crystal energy.

7. Place your planted seed in a sunny window and keep the soil moist.

Be sure to give your seed proper attention! Don’t let the soil dry out, but don’t overwater it either.

When your seedling begins to sprout and gets too big for its small pot, you can plant it outside in your garden, or repot it in something bigger.



It’s best to start your seed or plant in a small container. Small pots keep the moisture and nutrients contained better.

Keep your plant moist. Don’t overwater!

If you don’t have any seeds on hand, you can try gathering some from dead plants outside. If you had a flower or vegetable garden last year, you can find seeds within the dead flowers.

You can also plant seeds from the food inside your house! Save seeds from the fruits and vegetables you eat, especially if you eat organic foods. You can save seeds from avocados, squash, apples, oranges, strawberries, and tangerines to name a few.

If you don’t have any seeded vegetables you can also regrow foods like onions and lettuce. Just take a portion of the rooted part and put it in water until it grows roots.

You can also propagate plants inside your home in a similar way. Golden Pothos, Spider Plants, Geraniums, and Coleus can all grow from cuttings. You can take a small cutting and place in water until they begin to grow roots.

Happy Full Moon

Happy Full Seed SuperMoon!

Source: Seed Moon Intention Planting Ceremony — Spirit de la Lune